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  1. bdhough

    Hair Algae

    That you are getting the algae indicates a number of things. I had a battle with hair algae a number of years ago and here is what I found. 1) Check your levels. Make sure they are within normal parameters. 2) Check your temperatures. Make sure they aren't spiking above normal while the...
  2. bdhough

    Tankmates for my Yellow Tang and two clowns

    I would be more concerned with the fish you tried in the tank and their causes of death before putting more fish in. Saltwater fish live a long time. Would it be possible to list why they died first?   A tank that size should be be able to handle 10-15 fish depending on their relative size...
  3. bdhough


    Yes. A 250 HQI halide should do nicely. HQI are double ended bulbs. Mogul are single ended. From what i've read a 250 HQI is stronger than a 250 Mogul. It would help explain the expense. You could do it yourself for about 300 or buy a pretty dressed up pendant for 500. If you think you'd...
  4. bdhough

    HELP with lighting!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes on all accounts or you can buy a prebuilt fixture from some online stores. Is your tank 4 feet or 6 feet though?
  5. bdhough

    Pics of my tank

    It takes time for it to happen. Do some research on it. I just read it from scorp/frogfish people who have kept them for very long periods. Again i could be wrong :)
  6. bdhough

    ha ha ha I showed him

    hehehee, nice try but i doubt it will work. Question. Why are you trying to get rid of him? Is he damaging anything? If nothing is wrong with the things you wish to keep purposely then i'd leave him alone. He'll only be beneficial.
  7. bdhough


    3' feet i think is a 65 hex. As for inverts none need light save maybe nudibranches but they don't need that much light. Only other invert is clams. DO you mean you wish to keep any type of coral? If yes or you wish to keep tridacnid clams or both then a 250 pendant halide with some...
  8. bdhough

    HELP with lighting!!!!!!!!!!

    You will be much happier with 6' VHO's..... Buy an IceCap ballast and you could do 2 or 3 rather than 4. Then at least you have the option of going from 2 to 3 to 4 bulbs over your tank..... Unless this is a 4' tank. In which case a 4' pc fixture might do. The bottom might look a bit dim as...
  9. bdhough

    Anyone got clams?

    Maxima/Crocea -> Yes Squamosa/Derasa -> Sorta. Watts per gallon must be ultra high and they need to be at the top of the tank.....
  10. bdhough

    Club of Perfection

    Ive lost 3 fish/quite a few critters and corals... BUT i've also aquacultured said lost corals so essentially i lost nothing. I've also saved corals from death at the lfs. I.E. one bleached brain and one bubbleless bubble. Both are very healthy now.
  11. bdhough

    Sick Hammer

    Personal experience. I've damaged a branching hammer before by simply spraying water near it with food mixed in. They can be sensitive to that. I've also damaged the coral by dosing water in the tank. I take great care to not pour to quickly into the tank so the water does not hit any coral...
  12. bdhough

    Overflow / Return Pump GPH ?

    Always good to go higher. 600 would turn your water over roughly 10 times an hour which is a good rate combined with power heads in tank.
  13. bdhough

    Pics of my tank

    Hmmm. I have heard that toad fish like to have their surroundings the same colors as themselves. Not sure how the white will work with him. He may loose some of his coloring. Or maybe that was scorpionfish....
  14. bdhough

    Murder.... Serpent Star or Coral Banded?

    I was aware that CBS were pretty nasty going in to getting one. I have seen them with other shrimp before and thought it would be ok if i fed him regularly. Apparently my gamble didn't work. As for the fish maybe he did just die.... He was probably at least 3 years old if not 4. I don't...
  15. bdhough

    Murder.... Serpent Star or Coral Banded?

    bumpity bump
  16. bdhough

    Mexican Turbo Snails

    Snails grow their shells, hermits steal them....
  17. bdhough

    Coral banded shrimp problem

    I would get rid of the CBS or the Mandarin. The CBS will kill him eventually. It will be in the night most likely. Do you fully understand the requirements of the mandarin? A good rule with any CBS is to keep them away from any sort of rock dweller. Meaning any sort of fish that...
  18. bdhough

    Murder.... Serpent Star or Coral Banded?

    RIP Streak.... My fish is gone. My very first salt fish(green chromis) disappeared in the last day. He was in my tanks 2 and a half years.... He was not sick. He was always up in the top of the tank with the other green chromis searching for food. He always fed. Never once did he miss a...
  19. bdhough

    how hard are cup corals?

    Bubbles could be from anything. Did he produce them or is a powerhead/filter producing thim. A bubble could stick to his slime and sit there. If you dont' see discoloration in the coral or small dead spots i wouldn't worry about it. And i don't think you can light shock it considering it went...
  20. bdhough

    how hard are cup corals?

    I would keep him higher in the tank closer to the lights. A slime secretion means hes being irritated by something. If your rabbit was nipping him that could cause it. Find a spot up higher in yoru tank and let him sit a couple weeks. If the polyps are extending well and he maintains his...