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  1. wax32

    HELP! Blue Cheeked Goby suggestions

    Does sound like stress. Is your water quality ok? Got any fish that are becoming more aggressive toward him as they mature?
  2. wax32

    theres a crab on the loose!!

    LOL, glad you found it. Maybe it will survive.
  3. wax32

    Skimmer Question

    As long as you have a good amount of mature live-rock you won't have a problem at all.
  4. wax32

    Help with Damsel ID!

    My LFS gets these in from time to time, just listed on the shipper's pricelists as small damsels.... He has some in a nano in the shop that have been there quite a while and have stayed about 1" in size. I decided to try a few in my 15g nano. I picked up 3, one of which disappeared after a...
  5. wax32

    anemones gbt

    Nope, it will figure out where it wants to be.
  6. wax32

    Tank mate for yellow-tail damsel?

    You can get a lot more interesting shrimp goby than the yellow watchman, but I agree that a goby would make a good match for the tank.
  7. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    Originally Posted by bs21 ahh oh well the mind is slipping then but all the same the more knowledge on the boards the better. LOL, no worries!
  8. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    Originally Posted by bs21 yea i took a hiatus from the boards for a while also so have no idea how long its been? if memory serves me though i definately remember you being a mod at one point correct? and also posting som excellent pics. Nah, I was never a mod but I posted a lot, mostly...
  9. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    Low on the right side of the tank I have a few small bullseye shrooms: When I first added them they bleached/melted a bit, but seem to be rebounding. I've never had much luck with Rhodactis but I was able to get this frag cheap so I figured I'd give it a try!
  10. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    Originally Posted by bs21 wow welcome back.....glad to see you are still reefing. tank looks good btw! Thanks! Been awhile, huh?
  11. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    One of the little damsels: Anyone want to hazard a guess? By the way, I know I am "overstocked" with fish, so don't feel like you have to tell me so. You can see the Wavebox in the background. Kinda looks like an overflow box, but it isn't! You can see a pesky Aiptasia too if you look close.
  12. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    Feel free to post comments or questions! Here is a before and after December/March:
  13. wax32

    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    Really sweet tank. I'm a big fan of the zoanthids and corallimorphs. If I didn't have cats I wouldn't put a top on mine either!
  14. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    Here are a few current ones: Full Tank Shot: The clown and his BTA: Discosoma and Halimeda: A little larger view, you can see the Bird's Nest:
  15. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    First, some pictures I took December 2008 after I had begun slowly stocking the tank... Full Tank Shot: you can see I played with a Tunze Nanostream for awhile. I eventually got rid of this and got the Wavebox instead. A few Discosoma and zoanthids: The little Tomato Clown: The Harley: The...
  16. wax32

    wax32's 15g Oceanic

    It's been quite a while since I've posted here, but I haven't gotten out of the hobby... Last summer I downsized from my 70 Oceanic to a 15 gallon custom from Oceanic. The 70 was in my snake room and there was just no way to sit in there and enjoy it. The 15 is now in the living room, so I...
  17. wax32

    Picture Diary

    Nice growth.
  18. wax32

    Chronic Diarrhea caused by Your Tank?

    Well, I know there are plenty of nasty bacteria in our tanks... so I figured I'd see if anyone had ever become ill from one LOL.
  19. wax32

    Picture Diary

    You can feed it whatever you want, but it has to be very small particles.
  20. wax32

    Picture Diary

    They don't need light at all, you have to feed them, most use cyclop-eeze. Nice actinic down shot bro!