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  1. lestregus

    Stand weight limit ?

    i'm not going to answer that question (i can't) i would like to point out that live rock doesn't weigh a whole lot more than the water. ever moved any rock under water? weighs much less.
  2. lestregus

    Feding phytoplankton ?

    from my understanding phyto increases phosphate in the system basically just working against your skimmer. i stopped adding it.
  3. lestregus

    advice on carpet anemone

    thats good to know blk822, sounds like we have the same system 75g with 440 vho i've been afraid to add one :thinking:
  4. lestregus

    ID please?

    very cool, what kind of rock is that?
  5. lestregus

    advice on carpet anemone

    the problem with keeping them in a softie tank is that most softie tanks don't have the required lighting. these guys require high levels of lighting because they go on the sand. if you can keep clams in your tank then you have the required lighting. how deep is your tank and what kind of lights?
  6. lestregus

    todays new addition!

    from my understanding they are the most shy of the tangs, very beautiful fish!
  7. lestregus

    "say hello to my little friend"

    cute little guy! the SFE is one of the hardiest fish there is. precaution must be taken or these guys will jump out of your tank. even if well fed and with plenty of rocks. mine did it the first time after i had him for around 2 years. i was watching the tank though :happy: enjoy your...
  8. lestregus

    eel help

    i have no experience with goldentails, i keep a SFE just stack the rocks so the eel can swim through them and hide in them. my SFE bumps into my anemone occasionaly, and backs up pretty quickly :D thats about the extent of their relationship.. you can start out with a feeding stick, but i...
  9. lestregus

    Saving my live rock

    no problem...also, you may want to get a lawnmower blenny, these guys eat hair.. this isnt the technical way to solve the problem, as it just masks it but it works well :D
  10. lestregus

    Saving my live rock

    if you dont have coral, don't run the lights for several days. if you have coral, run the lights run the skimmer as much as possible since you are trying to save the live rock continue to pull it off the rocks.
  11. lestregus

    Refugium Uses

    fuges are also a great place to stick hitchhikers that are unsuitable for your display tank (mantis shrimp, gorilla crabs, etc)
  12. lestregus

    Taping pictures of clowns with anemones

    in an old thread bang guy said he used the pic technique to get his clowns to host...he seems to know more than the average joe about clowns.. i'd say give it a shot
  13. lestregus

    affects of using Glass tops

    i run a reef with the glass top on. i do this because i keep an eel and i don't want him to jump out as easily. (he's jumped even with the top on). however, i don't run MH, i run VHO, so i don't have that much to worry about as far as heat. plus i have an open back canopy for air to get in...
  14. lestregus

    Losing Zoo's

    hmmm... yeah what kind of fish do you have? what kind of crabs do you have? any unidentified crabs?
  15. lestregus

    live rock

    the numbers will balance if left alone. in my opinion it will actually take longer if you do water changes. after your ammonia and nitrite levels come back to 0 then do a water change. as mentioned it could take a week or more depending on how much die off was on the rock. anywayz, good luck!
  16. lestregus

    And while I sleep my Phosban Reactor goes nuts, need some serious Help~

    lutz493, i'm sorry you're having the problems with the phosban, but i'm glad you posted your problem here. unfortunatly i don't have any advice for you beyond what has already been mentioned. guys, i've been thinking about getting one of these, is this a common problem?? i can't monitor my...
  17. lestregus

    coraline algae

    h20engr, you have molting confused with growing. in the wild things molt as they grow in our tanks they molt as they grow and as mentioned, they molt when they need to get rid of excess iodine
  18. lestregus

    Reef Tank Experiment - No Protein Skimming

    bob, by looking at druluv's equipment list I would say the price of a skimmer would be insignificant...
  19. lestregus

    Reef Tank Experiment - No Protein Skimming

    oh sure there are, i'm not meaning to ruffle any feathers... but, trace elements are replaced by water changes. beneficial bacteria is removed but not enough to make a difference in over all population. suspended plankton is one of the things that i am trying to remove i don't use caulerpa...
  20. lestregus

    Reef Tank Experiment - No Protein Skimming

    sure, if you want a nutrient rich water column so you can keep plants, sponges, feather dusters, or other filter feeders then this may not be that bad of an idea. however, if you are trying to achieve pristine water conditions, this is not a good idea IMO.