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  1. josh

    Post A Pic of Your Whole Aquarium

    Let's try this again
  2. josh

    Post A Pic of Your Whole Aquarium

    Nice tanks! I still am working on the attachment thing....
  3. josh

    Hardy long lived anenamoes??

    The hardiest, that's an easy one. The mushroom anemone. Probably not want you wanted to hear, but it the truth. Please don't get the anemone you were thinking about.
  4. josh

    new to my tank today

    Nice pics! What type of lighting are you running, those porites require intense lights.
  5. josh

    algae problem

    If you really want to check if you have diatoms, they can look like slime, leave your lights off for 2 days. The darkness will really knock down the population of diatoms, and it won't harm anything in the tank....don't worry.
  6. josh

    Hey Rye

    Hey man I am looking into selling my older digi cam. It's a sony cybershot DSC-S30 with a Tiffen 2X telephoto. Can you give me a round about figure to start with? Thanks
  7. josh

    algae problem

    Yea that's red slime, there are a few things to do. Cut the photo period down, cut feedings down, run a phosphate sponge, siphon all of it out you can. Don't do water changes as it just replenishes some of what it is feeding off of and suspend any addtivies until you get this cleared up. When...
  8. josh

    A lighting Question...

    Some of the retro setups are plug n play, meaning no wiring at all. You just plug it in a go. PFO jumps to mind, do some more checking around and ask some more questions if you want. I take it you already have a custom canopy to house the MH?
  9. josh

    A lighting Question...

    Hi, Why not just go with a retro and save yourself a ton of cash? You will want a 10K, I like the Ushio lamp. That will a great light setup for that 20, keeping sps? Check into a retro and put the extra cash toward a calcium reactor :) I am pretty sure I know the place you are getting your...
  10. josh

    Proper Lighting for SPS

    Don't have much else to add to this, just wanted to say good thread guys.....softies and lps also can enjoy halide lighting as well with proper acclimation or lower wattage MH. For pure asthetics, you can't beat the shimmer of MH. I also liked seeing you all metion that water quality plays a...
  11. josh

    algae problem

    Few questions... What type of skimmer? How big of a fuge? Most important, what type of algae outbreak do you have. If we can find out what type, it will be easier to get to the root cause of it. BTW - the coraline will spread, don't worry about that. Nothing happens overnight, it might take a...
  12. josh

    Tank Has Arrived

    Love new tanks :) So give us the setup, what all do you have planned?
  13. josh

    Puffed UP FAT toadstool>>

    Originally posted by KimKissyFish I think I would have have gotten * chubby too LOL you said chubby....:D You toadstool looks fine BTW
  14. josh

    Sanjay Joshi findings on MH bulbs

    Kipass, the deal with the 400 ballast to drives radiums is this. The HQi is actually a son agro 430 which tech. overdrives the lamp = whiter light short lamp life. The standard 400 ballast is actually 380 = bluer lamp longer bulb life. Most people like to overdrive to get a more pleasing light...
  15. josh

    Lighting for a 29 gal..what would you buy?

    It really depends on what you want to keep, if you want sps or clams go with a 250HQI setup, the pendent really helps with heat issues. 250HQI icecap ballast 250HQI 10K aqualine lamp sunlight supply reefoptix III+ pendent Now if you want to keep softies/ lps and maybe some montipora like my #2...
  16. josh

    Got a new fish today

    Yes most wrasses are jumpers :( This weekend I am going to get some eggcrate and run it along the sides to make it more difficult to hop out. Thanks for the comments, my ollld camera just can't truely capture the brilliant colors of this little guy.
  17. josh

    Got a new fish today

    Thanks, He completed my fish list for my little tank, I just love the colors on him. I just put him in an hour or so ago and so far he hasn't even looked at the other fish. I was a bit worried about that being he is a wrasse and the biggest fish in the tank....which is why he went in last.
  18. josh

    Got a new fish today

    He's a Bali Solar Wrasse :) Hello :)
  19. josh

    Making things look pretty

    My money says that the vest has a nice floral print on the reverse side :D
  20. josh

    Check out my other hobby!

    Car guys :) First nice cars! Second, I went and test drove the new Rx-8 today and liked it too much! Any thoughts on the car? Thanks