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  1. elpezgrande

    Starting Over what can be reused?

    I have a 3 1/2 year old set up and I am going to be moving so I planned to break the tank down, recycle it, and start everything from scratch. I planned to get some new sand to have a fresh dsb. Is that necessary? I was planning to reuse my LR but was wondering if that needs to be replaced...
  2. elpezgrande

    Handling a long move

    Sometime in the next 6 months I will be moving and am trying to plan moving my tank. Fortunately I don't have too much live stock, 2 false percs, a yellow clown goby, shrimp, snails, crabs, sand sifting cucumber, and a handful of small corals. I also have about 60 pounds of LR and 60 pounds of...
  3. elpezgrande

    All of my fish died the day after a water change

    I don't think a Mantis is a possibillity. I haven't heard any clicking, and the only thing I have added since upgrading to a 45G 2 months ago is live stock, none of which were mantises, dead dry base rock, which couldn't be hiding a living mantis, and 3 bags of aragalive sand. I doubt a mantis...
  4. elpezgrande

    All of my fish died the day after a water change

    Thanks for the reply Beth, why do you think nitrite was a problem, is that something that will kill fish before inverts? According to my tetra test kit < 0.3 is the lowest value for the nitrite test, so I wouldn't think it was severe. The sample color did appear to be between the colors of...
  5. elpezgrande

    All of my fish died the day after a water change

    The day after I did a 6% water change (about 3 on a 45 gallon) all of my fish were gone (2 false percs, 1 royal gramma, 1 purple firefish). The the only body left was too far gone for me to get a clue about what had happened. I tested my water and the levels weren't pristine, but the were only...
  6. elpezgrande

    hiding purple firefish

    I got a new purple firefish from the LFS 3 nights ago but I have only seen him once since putting him in the tank. Is it common for them to hide in the rock work all the time? I've read that they do well in pairs. If I got a second purple firefish, would that help him come out. I'm a little...
  7. elpezgrande

    One ich spot, what to do?

    The first spot became much smaller and less bright white, almost as if my clown fish had knocked the part above the skin off by rubbing on the LR. However, now several more are forming on the first clown and the second clown is starting to develop a few spots on its tail. The new spots are not...
  8. elpezgrande

    One ich spot, what to do?

    Thanks for the reply. I did add an RBTA that was attached to a piece of LR in the last week or so, but the last fish I added was more than 3 months ago. I'll try garlic and hope it doesn't worsen.
  9. elpezgrande

    One ich spot, what to do?

    I have a realtively established tank (9 months) and I have never had an outbreak of Ich before. Right now I only see one spot on one of my clown fish (I have 2 false percs and a Royal Gramma). I have also noticed the infected clownfish rubbing against the LR and seeming to favor the side with...
  10. elpezgrande

    Anenome Gone???

    Good luck with your anemeone, that really sucks to lose it after all that time. I had my LTA die last week after an unfortunate run in with the heater. BTW, if you do find that it died, be prepared to dispose of it when you take it out of the tank. I had heard they smelled bad when dead but I...
  11. elpezgrande

    releasing anemone to the aquarium

    If you are worried about handling an anemone, try the latex gloves you can get in the drug department at target or walmart.
  12. elpezgrande

    Phosban Reactor Issue

    I'm using 250 ml of Rowaphos and a maxijet 400 and I wonder if I'm experiencing clumping. I still see loose granules moving/floating at the top of the media, but the first day or so there was about a 2 inch gap between the media and the top sponge, now (day 3) there are about 4 inches. Is this...
  13. elpezgrande

    Titanium Heater Freak Accident

    Thanks for the reply Thomas. I didn't think anemone's tried to sting with the lower portions of their bodies, I guess I was wrong. The heater is and has been working normally. Unfortunately I have no sump, but the PVC pipe is a good idea, I think I'll give that a try.
  14. elpezgrande

    Titanium Heater Freak Accident

    I have one of those heaters with a titanium shaft heating element and it just killed my Long Tentacled Anemone. I had seen the anemone touch the heater with its tentacles many times over the months with no problems. However 3 days ago it's outer body (part on the outside a little above the...
  15. elpezgrande

    Lighting for anemone?

    The problem is that lower intensity lights like NO are not able to transmit usable light as deep in the water as higher intensity lights like MH. Is the 75 deeper from top to bottom than the 55? If it is, you probably wouldn't be helped much by another PC strip, let alone the NO lights that...
  16. elpezgrande

    Average age for a reef fish?

    Do a search. There are a few threads on this board mentioning life span of fishes. From what I've read clowns can live close to 20 years and tangs can live up to 40 years. I've not experienced this myself as my tank is not quite a year old yet, but I look forward to having my 2 percs for the...
  17. elpezgrande

    tank size for a octopus

    Also keep in mind that they tend to have a lifespan of a year or less.
  18. elpezgrande

    Latest Salt Craze?

    One of the main selling points seems to be that it is full of natural bacteria that is so magical that it can survive in a closed, stagnant container with no bioload for up to 12 months? That seems plausible.
  19. elpezgrande

    29g ?

    I have 2 false percs and a royal gramma in my 30. I could see the tank also supporting a goby or a small school of chromis. IMO you are really more limited by "territory" than bioload in a small tank. You just need to get fish that won't compete for the same space in the tank. FishPhreak...
  20. elpezgrande

    Actinic 03 ? ASAP!!

    Custom Sea Life's "actnic" bulbs were not true actnic 03. I replaced my CSL 50/50 bulb with one that is true actnic and the difference is very obvious. True actnic is more violet/purple, the CSL bulb is more blue. Also, my photosynthetic creatures seemed to respond positively to the switch to...