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  1. gregarch99

    EPCOT CENTER Calcium 750 ppm

    Can you post some pictures of your aquarium? Do you have any from a month or two ago so we can see the change in growth?
  2. gregarch99

    Bio Balls--good or bad

    I'm in the process of setting up a bowfront 36g (upgrading from my 20g) and was trying to decide on what to do with the bioballs as well. Guy at the store said take them out and use liverock but I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. One question I have though: Since the water is simply...
  3. gregarch99

    Humu Humu throwing sand all around

    Originally Posted by sjk2840 I have a small humu humu that does the same thing. I think he purposely waits till I clean the tank and then spits sand on my LR. Yeah, I'm convinced he waits til I get it nice and clean and then does it in spite of me cleaning it off. It only annoys me that he...
  4. gregarch99

    Humu Humu throwing sand all around

    Thanks for the quick responses. He just started doing it recently but that makes sense because I've moved a few rocks around not long ago so I guess he's re arranging the sand to his liking.
  5. gregarch99

    Humu Humu throwing sand all around

    I have a relatively small tank and plan on upgrading soon. It's a 20g and I have a humu-humu in there along with some corals (and a few other fish). Everytime I do a water change (once a week) for the next day or two he'll pick the sand up in his mouth and throw it all over the place. He...
  6. gregarch99

    Feeding zoos

    I have a zoolanthid (sp?) and another coral pictured here. I bought some "PhytoPlan Advanced Phytoplankton Diet" but I am unsure how to feed them exactly. I have a pretty small tank, it's 20 gallons and I have a marine betta, humu, clown fish and a cowfish. I know the cowfish is going to...