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  1. shiby1510

    My new pico!

  2. shiby1510

    My new pico!

    i think a tiny mantis shrimp, but I'm open to suggestions.
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    My new pico!

    Hi all, I recently acquired a ~2.5g tank. It's been fully running for about 1.5wks. As you will see I've put a good amount of work already into the tank and have modded the crap out of it. I'm running the coralife 2x9w PC's 1-10k, 1-Actnic. I also retrofitted 3 leds to the unit as well. I also...
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    cycling a new tank`

    Enough of bashing each other.... lets remember this is a place for knowledge and education. On that note... dsx450 mentioned using ammonia from the grocery store... I've never heard of this before... can anyone else verify this?
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    How to setup ro/di unit

    Originally Posted by T316 Correct, but it's not a fast process, so don't plan on just turning it on when you need to top off your tank. Making RODI water is a slow process, so plan on storing it up and using it as needed. Unless you get it from a lab that sends ro/di water right from the tap
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    One Day Only $50 Zoa Pack

    pm sent
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    fs: overflow

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    5 gallon invert list possibility?

    sump for extra water volume, protein skimmer, water changes, etc.
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    Lighting hours

    It depends on what kind of lights you have.
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    Sufficient lighting

    Originally Posted by csgoalie I think Stanalee has me pegged. I'll probably jump to a 70-100 gallon tank down the road and then I'll be looking for a lighting system that is bigger than 24" in any event. I can't buy something bigger now because it wouldn't fit in the wall unit presently. I'd...
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    Do you have to have fish in a reef?

    IMO it depends... are you running a protein skimmer, sump/fuge, etc? I'm a little confused because you were very worried about nitrates and now you seem to want a full stock of fish also, lawnmowers can be hard to keep. edit: I would suggest checking out the nano tank section and look at other...
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    fs: overflow

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    For those with 3g Picos...

    most people just use a hob filter instead of a ph... like an aquaclear. You can also use it as a mini fuge.
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    ^ yep.. listen to x pissfish: check out the archives and look at diy rock.. and have fun reading!
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    looking for mantis shrimp

    Originally Posted by Moondog Finally the hunt is over. I admit he was too smart for the trap, but not smart enough, he went into a hole in the smaller of the two rocks, and I quickly pulled the rock out. He didn't like the freshwater dip at all, I will see if he makes it through the night...
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    Originally Posted by salt210 not trying to say your wrong or argue with you but for informations sake how is it half-baked? it is live sand with beneficial bacteria. I just don't think I can afford as much sand as I will need at 120 for 40lbs ... benefical bateria... ever wonder how long those...
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    DIY Live Rocks

    Originally Posted by Scopus Tang Can't tell you who else on the boards are running them, but I am, and they work out nicely (I didn't make my own, I ordered them from someone). If you would like to see how they look, you can check out my reef diary thread...
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    fs: overflow

    I don't really know.. sorry... whats your return pump? I see that you have a hob currently, are you thinking of setting up a sump/fuge? I also have a mag 3 that worked well with my 30g if you are looking for a return. If you are looking for a full setup I have a custom built acrylic sump/fuge...
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    looking for mantis shrimp

    Originally Posted by lion_crazz A local shop in my area has an awesome bumble bee mantis for sale. It's too bad you are not closer. that guy is sweet... I'm actually looking for a smasher though... but i know if i saw him i probably would decide otherwise
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    looking for mantis shrimp

    Originally Posted by Moondog Just an update, the mantis is still in the tank, it was running all over the rocks last night. The rock it seems to "host" in is like 25 lbs, without redoing my aquascape, I cannot take it out, it is too quick to run out of it's hiding spot anyway. I have put the...