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  1. xenomorph

    skimmer problems.

    I have the same skimmer and the first one had a clog in the air venturie, most likely glue. It also takes a bit of time running before it starts skimming properly. Also DONT CLEAN THE INSDE OF THE PIPE ON THE COLLETIN CUP!:nope: The slime it builds up prevents the bubbles from popping. If you...
  2. xenomorph

    New Rock.

    Same stuff I have in my tank. Plate like structure makes great building material. Other than dust and possibly any fungus (looks like freez dried coraline) it really needs no curing. Mine has started picking up coraline algea and seems to love the orange variety, although some read and teal have...
  3. xenomorph

    Bristle Worm!

    Hehe! The star is running for shelter! :yes: One of they many things that are so amazing in this hobby is the diversity of life in something as simple as sand.:happy:
  4. xenomorph

    What's this?

    WOW! Good timing guys. I was digging through som LR rubble I got at a LFS to spread the pieces around a bit and found lotsa critters. Several of the macro stars, which seem to be multiplying well, a tiny juvenile mantis shrimp (1/8 of an inch) which was going to go into my 29 by his lonesome...
  5. xenomorph

    Refuse to clean!

    Nice anthias sandman. Someone asked for a suggestion, so heres mine. Asfar as size, most cleaners have been seen cleaning even large predatory fish like sharks, so I doubt thats the case. My first thought is that cleaners typically clean for a food source in the wild. Is it possible hes just...
  6. xenomorph

    Help with Kalk.....aaarrrrggggg

    Reading up on this, I have seen (or read) that some have it drip right next to there protien skimmer. This allows the skimmer to take in the kalk and provide the needed co2 due to the gas exchange inside the skimmer. My biggest concer though would be in the skimmer removing the kalk, making the...
  7. xenomorph

    My first 6 pack

    What doesit mean when the shrooms are open but "hugging the rock". I was told this is a good sign there getting plenty of light. True?:notsure:
  8. xenomorph

    Killer snails!!!

    I did the same thing, only the cost was a seahorse. Checking around, I found that there probably olive snails, and can eat fish you wouldnt think possible, kinda like the "lionfish" of snails. Most of the ones I have found are similar in shape to an olive, although one i had was close to...
  9. xenomorph

    Let me know what you think

    Is that a piece of slate on the left hand side? I didnt realize that it could be reef safe, although its good in ciclid tanks. Nice looking tank, Im currently working on a 20, but I need to replce the bulb in my PC. Is that emperor filter? Thats what Im currently running.
  10. xenomorph


    You just need to make sure it doesnt say "dolemite" anywhere on the bag. Some companies used such things as crushes oyster shell and cal it aragonite. Theyre both a form of calcium, its just that dolemite isnt the correct form for what is needed.There was a article in TFH that had a review, and...
  11. xenomorph

    sand dollars

    I have had them, and they can do well. they are plantonic thoug, so you neen to make sure you supliment. The really dont do well in reef tanks because theres little surface area for them, and you have to watch the fish in a FOWLR to make sure there not eating them. Go out to a sand bar at the...
  12. xenomorph

    Just wondering

    Originally posted by Sid2003 :confused: why is it illegal? Do a search on P. Volitans around N. carolina.:scared:
  13. xenomorph

    ok i can't have a porky in a 75, so..........

    Luv4reef hes frakin' AWSOME!!! Your picture helped me convince my wife to get one! Hes so adorible, awsome pic.
  14. xenomorph

    Can a chainlink eat a Dwarf angle

    yup.........get a SFE!!!!:yes: :jumping: :yes:
  15. xenomorph

    i want a eel,lionfish and some other things can i have suggestions

    Originally posted by Harlequin A bigger concern of mine would be the toby fin nipping on the lion, puffers and related species are well know for this. Might I suggest a Antennatta or radiata lion instead of a dwarf. Both of these are perfect sized for your tank and tend to be much more open...
  16. xenomorph

    Agressive/reef tank How would those fair in a tank with a lion, leaf, SFE, porky,so and a yellow tang? and would 120w of NO be enough or should I add some pc?which would be better in this situation, pc or VHO?
  17. xenomorph

    lion fish and picasso trigger

    I had the same pair in my tank. The end result was I traded the picasso in for a new lion because the trigger ate the fins of the lion and killed it. He also halfway definned my niger trigger, who has been completly dociletoward my lion, but tries to nip at the exposed portions of my SFE...
  18. xenomorph

    low light corals

    Thanks. I thought I saw someone do an aggressive reef setup and thought it would be kinda cool. What would th problems be? I know the eel (SFE) would be knocking rock over , but Im planning on epoxying the rock together. What problems would the lion and leaf make, other than waste?
  19. xenomorph

    low light corals

    Ok, what are some low light corals that will be safe for my lion,eel, and leaf? The tank is a 75 with the standard florescent 40w bulbs !actinic and 2 white. Someone said mushrooms but I would like to confirm this. Any ideas or suggestions?
  20. xenomorph

    Ah, Isn't that cute!

    Sweet! I love bangai's, its too bad so would my lion. On the topic my lion has pretty much the same relationship with my leaf fish they both will just hang out on rocks together. kinda cool, But my tank is lacking a bit on the movement side.:happyfish