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  1. lili13

    Update with pics!

    oh, ya, coral LOVES our They really flourish...our devil's hand is almost too big so we're prob gonna have to split it soon (I'm hoping it does this itself cause I don't want to have to cut it :( ) Our polyps are takin ova the
  2. lili13

    Update with pics!

    here the frogspawn is when we got it....
  3. lili13

    Update with pics!

    Originally Posted by nissan577 woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!! sweet frogspawn! Thanks
  4. lili13

    Update with pics!

    it's the second pic in the second set of pics :) also, if you look at the first and second pic, you can see how much my polyps have multiplied on the rocks!! They spread like wild fire!! I also have some mushrooms but they're mad right now cause my hubby forgot to feed the tank yesterday!
  5. lili13

    Update with pics!

  6. lili13

    Update with pics!

    Hey life has been upside down with getting married and starting a new job so FINALLY I have a few minutes to sit and post some pics. I don't know if anyone remembers I had a crazy pistol shrimp...wellll, we caught him and gave him back to the LFS...he was mean! So we ended up getting...
  7. lili13

    Red Slime

    Is the red slime carpet like and multiplying quickly?
  8. lili13

    What to do?

    Hi there! Just a quick question...I have a 14 gal biocube, well established. Just got a new tank raised clown today, dripped him and put him in. I fed the tank after I put him in with Cyclopeez and then frozen brine....I'm not sure if he ate, but he is HYPER....just wondering if it's stress...
  9. lili13

    aggressive pistol shrimp...

    me either...he's def. not peaceful, he snapped at my husband's hand...something that big you would think they would run from...silly thing
  10. lili13

    aggressive pistol shrimp...

    It's a Michaels Pistol Shrimp.
  11. lili13

    aggressive pistol shrimp...

    Sorry for taking so long, I got married last weekend so other than my weekly water changes and checks, haven't bothered my tank...and to feed Anyways, I'm not exactly sure what kind...he's orange and has purple legs. I have tried a few times here and there to get him in a trap and...
  12. lili13

    aggressive pistol shrimp...

    Hey all! Haven't been on in forever! I've got a question...I have a pistol shrimp, and I used to have an orange tangorora (SP?) goby and a dragonet and now both have disappeared...I think this shrimp is super aggressive as one day my husband was moving something in the tank and it pinched him...
  13. lili13

    BTA Peeking out

    lol too funny! Ours too! Although today we moved the rocks and now it's at the front of the tank, however, the lights JUSt went out so we'll see if it tries to move again!!
  14. lili13

    BTA and Devils Hand

    Hi everyone! I have a bubble tip anemone as well as a Devils Hand. Right now, they are nowhere near each other, however we are thinking of moving the Devils Hand...if it happens that they touch, would the BTA sting the Devils Hand? Thanks :)
  15. lili13

    Help Missing fish????????

    our anemone ate our bi color blenny...don't count out your anemone for anything!! lol
  16. lili13

    check it out~~my 14 gal as I add coral

    well. no dice, my black clown died :(:(:(:(:( a few weeks ago, well, I guess the day I last posted it was gone. We are really not impressed with that specific LFA, and made it known to them, they didn't care.... BUT today was my stepson's birthday "weekend" so we went and got a maroon clown...
  17. lili13

    The new BTA

    Originally Posted by Lili13 Has anyone else's BTA hosted at the back of their tank?? bump
  18. lili13

    Pink Tip Haitian Anemone issues

    My BTA goes to the side too and has itself wedged between the LR and the back wall where there is about 1.5 in seems to be ok, but as for the colouring, I'm not too sure...
  19. lili13

    Brought home a pair of Solomon Island True Percs

    That is AMAZING!! SO beautiful! My two clowns dies because the LFS sold me one with ich :( I'm really not happy about it, so we're calling them this afternoon. I had a black one and an orange one ...poor little guys
  20. lili13

    Dead Clown :(

    Originally Posted by NaNo-NeWb1983 sorry to hear about your clown, i hope the goby will be ok Thanks :) Me too...I almost hate having to work, because I can't keep an eye on things at home!