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  1. alyssia

    Please keep us in your prayers today

    Originally Posted by ironeagle2006 Nw2 take it from someone that Knows what your having your having Seizures. They are NOTHING TO SCREW WITH EITHER. If they are the first ones you have ever had you and the baby are fine. However make this your Last Pregnancy. The meds for control of them...
  2. alyssia

    Killer Whale Lives up to his name...

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy I'll admit I've never seen Lions do it. Do Coyotes count? I just can't believe I'm the only person to see a cat toy with a mouse until it stopped moving and then wander off to the next victim. You aren't the only one. Our outdoor cat gets snakes, moles, toads...
  3. alyssia

    My first time in jail...

    Originally Posted by AW2x3 The email address, from the guy "buying" the snakes has turned out to be a fake email. Every time I email it, I immediately get a response the the email isn't a legitimate email address. So, I know (just like the set up) that it was a fake. I have a cell number, that...
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    13 degrees out, snowing heavily, and my son walks down the street, up the court, and into the house CARRYING his coat.
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    Not driving today, and the school just called to say they're sending kids home early due to the weather
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    Um, yeah--it's a tad cold and snowy here Scott :)
  7. alyssia

    Happy Aquarium

    lol. It drives me nuts how you can mix the FW and SW fish in that game.
  8. alyssia

    How to catch vandals?

    Originally Posted by Angler man I'll never understand why people do this kind of stuff. Last year we put up this beautiful pressure treated pine fence and only a month had gone by and it was tagged. I didn't get to it soon enough before another wannabe gang kid retaliated and painted his stupid...
  9. alyssia

    Whole new level of irritation...

    Originally Posted by DragonZim That is freakin outrageous! I would have some pretty strong words with that school board! I would have a fit if were my kids, but then I'd be called racist.
  10. alyssia

    Whole new level of irritation...

    Originally Posted by reefraff I am all for introducing the kiddies to foreign culture and stuff but shouldn't we teach them English first? My grandson has to take spanish classes 2 days a week, he is in Kindergarten. The whole idea about the quotas was to try to balance the influx of...
  11. alyssia

    T316 -Happy B-day - It is a BIG one!

    Happy birthday!!!!
  12. alyssia

    Define 'Cruel and Unusual Punishment'

    I vote for killing him the way he killed his victim.
  13. alyssia

    Define 'Cruel and Unusual Punishment'

    Originally Posted by Cranberry Are there other modes of execution legal in Ohio? No, they used to use the electric chair but stopped that in the early 2000's
  14. alyssia

    Define 'Cruel and Unusual Punishment'

    Yep, he raped and killed a teenage girl. I guess that wasn't 'cruel and unusual punishment'. Poor guy-I can't believe they are doing this to him. I feel sorry for the victim's family. They need this to be done, I'm sure.
  15. alyssia

    Finally got a cat!

    What a cutie. She looks like my cat Penny. When we got her our dog hid under the table for 3 days.
  16. alyssia

    ????uo?? s? ?u?????os

    Originally Posted by sepulatian Oh ruaround, how can I thank you for teaching others this??? Yep, he's got me doing it on facebook now.
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    Thanks everyone!
  18. alyssia


    Originally Posted by sepulatian HAHA!! Happy Birthday Kelli!!!! Don't worry, I will never tell... The same threat applies to you, ya know.
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    Originally Posted by Scotts [Tweet!] Personal foul for threatening a fellow SWFer. That is a 10 year penalty. "Whew that is a tough penaly Bob, but such mean and abusive language just will not be tolerated here on SWF" "It sure is Joe, but it is threats like that are definitely not called...
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    Originally Posted by Scotts Have a great day Kelli! Now I have to log onto facebook so I can look and tell everyone how old you are. Do it and die!