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  1. tscuda

    majano help

    The shroom might shrivel up some but it should be ok. I got some on my Ric's once. They puked but was fine the next day.
  2. tscuda

    Question on PVC pipe

    Did you rinse it off good using hot water? Sometimes theres a mold release on it.
  3. tscuda

    frustrate-need ideas soon

    Originally Posted by deejeff442 yea those clowns can be a handfull. personally i would take out the female and put her in the 10 gallon and return the male .in the meantime switch the tank around and get a couple fish and put them in there for a couple weeks. once the female returns she wont...
  4. tscuda

    Apt's in my Chaeto

    The reason I want to keep the Chaeto is it would probably be a 50 dollar ball at thr lfs. And with the number of pods in it I'd find it hard to just throw it away. And yes I know about Joe's And Aptaisa X. I was just trying to do it without tearing it all apart.
  5. tscuda

    A Butterfly in my Reef!?

    Originally Posted by Fish Freak2012 In the Future We are planning to get atleast 4 more chromis and a blue hippo tang. We just need help deciding on a show fish. we have quite a few options to think about but we just need help pointing us in the right direction They say for the Chromis it's...
  6. tscuda

    A Butterfly in my Reef!?

    I 2nd the Fox Face. They're not a mean fish that will try to sting you. It's only a defence.I hand feed mine sometimes without any fear. As for the Hippo. They're a nice looking fish but quite shy. Both of mine stay hid for the most part.
  7. tscuda

    Apt's in my Chaeto

    I got a case of Aptaisa in my Chaeto. I was thinking of putting it in my qt instead of shreading it for Joe's Juice. How long would it take to starve them?? It's about the size of a basketball. I'll put food on the other side (with some clean Chaeto) to feed the pods.
  8. tscuda

    Is there any way to know the --- of a Clown fish?

    Clowns are born female. Buy a much smaller one of the same species and it will turn male.
  9. tscuda

    Tadpoles for fresh food

    Putting a tadpole in your salt water tank would be about the same as you getting salt in your lungs and ground into many open sores. So no not a good idea.
  10. tscuda

    what to put in my new 50 gallon?

    Has to be joking. 1st post said it was only a 55 gallon tank.
  11. tscuda

    Engineer Golby????

    Ok thanks.
  12. tscuda

    Engineer Golby????

    My friend got out of sw so he gave me his 150 gallon tank. One of the fish he sez is a Engineer Golby. So I was going to research him a little but the pics I seen (like on here) show it as being black with white strips head to tail. Mine is black with yellow stripes top to bottom. Does have a...
  13. tscuda

    Moving a Tank

    Not to hijack your thread but will help the both of us. I'll be moving a 150 gallon this weekend. Whats the right way to move sand (not disturbing to much) and the re setting up of the sand. So theres not to long of a wait to get the fish back in the tank. I do have a 55 gallon tank ready to add...
  14. tscuda

    Intake manifolds

    Not knocking a blower motor. But it would cost a bit more to build one then a stroker. Plus the added cost of race gas or boosters. Paxton and others like them you can get by with hi oct pump gas. But still the price would be over 3grand to get one running. I did have the idea of running a...
  15. tscuda

    Intake manifolds

    Yes it was dynoed. Thats at the crank not the tires. Stroked MoPars will make that number with out problem. Even their stroker crate motors make over 400hp. With their smallish cam and factory heads.
  16. tscuda

    Fish With Personality/Recommendations

    IMO I'd knock that list down to 1 each of those fish and lose the Wrasse and Tang. But add a Foxface and a Spotted Hawkfish. I belive that what put you at the max for a 65 gallon tank.
  17. tscuda

    Intake manifolds

    To add my 2 cents. I see that you live in AZ. And was saying something about 4x4. I'd say go with a stroker motor. NOS costs about 30 bucks to fill a 10 lb bottle and only lasts for about 20 seconds. A blower adds a lot of heat. A stroker adds a lot of torque. I built a Dodge 340 into a 416 and...
  18. tscuda

    Waste RO water - What can I use it for?

    x2 on the doing the wash. I hooked up my RO in the laundry room so I could run the waste line right into the washer. And there is a lot of waste water.
  19. tscuda

    Worm-like Creature

    Leave the worm be. It's a harmless bottom feeder. And dont even think about touching it. It'll feel like someone shoving pins in your fingers.