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  1. xrayman

    reef supplements

    Yes i run a skimmer judging from the cup i empty i would say alot because it can get pretty nasty.
  2. xrayman

    reef supplements

    You will get different opinons on what works i quit adding supplements a year ago,and went to weekly 10%water changes i have coraline everywhere and coral are growing like crazy.My Frogspawn has went from 3 heads to 10 heads and my alveopora is going on 1.5 years and looks great.In the end it...
  3. xrayman

    Salt Question

    Been using tropic marine pro reef now for a year love the stuff :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
  4. xrayman

    switch salt mix / recommendations

    tropic marine pro reef also :cheer:
  5. xrayman

    Best calcium suppliment for coraline algae

    10%water changes weekly here!
  6. xrayman

    whats your favorite salt?

    I have used IO for years switched to oceanic had calcium problems went to tropic marine pro reef in january and now i have coraline growth i have been trying that for years.My numbers have been more consistent with tropic marine pro.That's my .02
  7. xrayman

    whats a good brand salt?

    I switched from oceanic to tropic marine pro reef salt best thing i have ever done.Just my .02.
  8. xrayman

    Which trace element supplements do you use????.

    Nothing 10%water changes weekley.That was the best thing i ever started
  9. xrayman

    What Changes

    I used to feel the same way about 10% water changes weekly till about a year ago my tank has never looked better and i do not have to spend all that money on additives.
  10. xrayman

    Alveopora vs. Goniopora

    I have had my Alveopora for 7 months doing great.All i do is 10% water changes weekly I have not fed mine since i have had it and it is doing unbelieveabe.
  11. xrayman

    Patience with Xenia's

    I do not do anything for them my lighting is 440 VHO
  12. xrayman

    Patience with Xenia's

    Now look not best pic's,but shows the general idea.I did not think they would ever take off but look at them now.
  13. xrayman

    Patience with Xenia's

    This pic was taken a couple of months ago.
  14. xrayman

    got 75 gal. need some pics for inspiration

    Here is my 75g
  15. xrayman

    Instant Ocean synthetic sea salt

    IMO instant ocean is ok for FO tank,but if you are considering reef i would consider another type or brank of salt.I curently switched to Tropic marine reef pro and very happy with it.You will find many and i mean many opinons on this topic.
  16. xrayman

    tropic marine salt mix...

    I just recieved my bucket of TM PRO REEf a couple of days ago.My first batch was calcium around 410-420 and dkh of 8.0 it was perfect no adding of anything unlike some of the other mixes out there.
  17. xrayman

    Tm Pro Reef Readings

    Thanks for your replys i can/t wait for it to mix for 24 hours and put in the tank
  18. xrayman

    Tm Pro Reef Readings

    Should i test the salt everytime i mix it?Or just every new bucket i use?
  19. xrayman

    Tm Pro Reef Readings

    Is it just me or does it take less salt to mix.I change 7.5g of water a week and i sware it took half of the salt it did with the others
  20. xrayman

    Tm Pro Reef Readings

    I'm excited about it should i just leave the dkh alone?