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    Firefox is great. I switched from Google Chrome too. Just too many hangups. Don't need the stress...Just going to watch my fish now..
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    Congrats to the lucky winners....
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    Just Clowning Around

    No, just in close quarters. Here she is with her tiny mate in another long tentacle anemone...
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    Fluorescent Tubes vs. LED

    Wow, what a loaded question. It really depends on which lights you choose. To the electricity side, you would use less power. Most LED's are rated around 50,000 hours of life. You have several types to choose from. Marineland, for example, sells single bright units around $120 dollars...
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    Strange clownfish behavior

    You said you started your tank this week. What did you do and in what order. Knowing what your parameters would be helpful. What size is your tank? I have seen clowns swim in odd ways, but constant behavior as you describe in not common.
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    What is this cool little thing?!?!?

    Looks like some type of anemone. With the picture you have, it is hard to say what species, but it is an anemone.
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    Just Clowning Around

    Yes, a long tentacle anemone.
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    125 Gallon saltwater aquarium

    With what you listed: Snowflake Eel Stars & Stripes Puffer Niger Trigger Yellow Tang I would avoid your wrasse choices though. They would not fair well with chosen tankmates. Most of your tank cleaning species would also not fair well (crabs,shrimps, gobies, etc.) You might even consider...
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    Crab Id please

    It does look like Liomera Sp (Red Boxing Crab). What do the claw tips look like? These are safe, for the most part. They could bother gobies during the night, but not likely. You should be fine.
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    Can a yellow candy hogfish go in a 29 gallon tank?

    What other fish do you have? They can be very aggressive towards other yellow wrasses, and sometimes will pick on smaller fish. I would avoid any other smaller wrasses and crustcea are almost always fair game. They can reach 10cm. As said, sexing is almost impossible without having both...
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    Cleaner shrimp question

    Hey Bang, would that be Alpheus Djeddensis (Djibouti Pistol Shrimp)? I have run across them before.
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    Nitrates wont go down even after 4 water changes!!!

    You mentioned adding your fish, but you did not mention why you were treating with Melafix. Stopping your skimmer and also removing your carbon (If you use carbon regurlary.) will cause such a spike. If you do too many water changes close together, you can actually create a mini-cycle. Both...
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    For us old folks... What do you miss?

    You see, memory is not the only thing to go, so does the ability to spell...Good Catch..!!LOL
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    Help! Two days after got my little guy.... Not sure what this is?

    It does appear to be aggression. What type of damsels do you have? Also, what is your tank size? I have also seen this occur not from other fish, but from the fish itself darting around rock while evading more aggressive fish types.
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    HELPI think my clowns are having babies

    What type of clowns? Ocellaris Clowns are the easiest to breed. The eggs usually hatch after about 8 days during the night. Fry bolt to the surface and stay there for a short time and then drop to the bottom of the tank. The problem is, with any other fish, the parents will fear for safety...
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    For us old folks... What do you miss?

    I miss my old Hi-Fi and my record collection (That I still have) I listened to every day. Heck, I thought the 8-Track was hip. Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Have Gun ' Will Travel, Gene Autrey, uh oh... Really showing my age..LOL
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    Sally lightfoot ?

    Wow, what a mixed bag the Sally's are. Yes they can be good at algae eating, but have been known to prey on smaller shrimp and almost any snail. I always suggest watching any new entries and be prepared to remove them in a hurry if any aggression is observed.
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    The most interesting thing to me is watching the reef at night when the lights are off. Using a small flashlight, it's facinating to see what lurks around when no one seems to be watching.
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    Rose bubble tip anemone on the move...

    Small flowerpots can aslo help if he keeps moving about. Sometimes the shape, or confines of, makes them feel more at ease. Just another option.