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    Originally Posted by ROW The PH was a rio 800 and the top of my water looks like it might have an oily residue on it. . poly filter, carbon and some small water changes....Do a search here (should be tons of stuff on Rio's) Rio's are about as bad as it gets. Good things your son was...
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    Is there such a thing as to much gph flow?

    Originally Posted by Tizzo I am just setting up a new tank. It's a 150 gallon. My 2 return pumps are mad 12's at 1200 gph each. Then on a wavemaker I have 2 Seio's at 1100 gph each and 2 maxijet 900's at 900 gph each. Grand total is 6600 gph thats more than a 55x turnover. Is that way to much...
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    Nitrates and Bioballs

    Originally Posted by tsdid I bought the LR from my LFS and it was cured because they have fish in with the rock. Do you think the bioballs and the foams are causeing the increase nitrate? The thing is you don't know how long the rock was curing at the LFS...If it we're me. I'd loose all the...
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    Nitrates and Bioballs

    Originally Posted by tsdid Should i remove the bioballs? or just some. Also should I remove the the sponges on the prefilter and the bubble reducer in the sump? IME, I'd loose the pre filter or clean it more often. I've never been a big fan of filter socks, pre fliters and as you say "bubble...
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    How do you lower Phosphate?

    Originally Posted by ratrod #1 figure out the source #2 water change #3 water change #4 water change Most of the time doing water changes is the source...
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    How do you lower Phosphate?

    TDS meters are a good tool but their not going to tell you much about po4's...I use a Hannah po4 meter to test my water off the DI. I do use the TDS meter at the lab to tell me if and when my RO membrane is spent. The Sediment, Carbon block and RO membrane are different then DI resin. The DI...
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    How do you lower Phosphate?

    Originally Posted by BB1clownfish Thanks, I'll try the sponge. Could it possibly be the filters on my RO system? probably, what kind if RO system are you running? You have a DI cart too, right?
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    Tapping on Glass???

    Originally Posted by T316 oh yeah, and last night I tried the pantyhose trap trick that I read about. I didn't catch any mantis or pistol, but it did create a nessarius party within minutes (must have been 20 or more all wrapped up like a softball). And this morning a hugh fire bristle worm had...
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    How To QT a Powder Blue

    I'd not QT a PBT in a 10 gal tank...50 gal maybe, you'd be making things worse putting that kind of fish in a 10 gal tank. I'd look at what ever Beth has to offer..She know's what a PBT needs to thrive...right Beth :)
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    How to get rid of nuisance GSP's?

    I've never tried this so I can't say if it will work or COULD try putting some kind of plate or cup over the GSP so no light can get to might stop the spread, or make things worse.
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    my thougth is that you want to get things back to acceptable range asap...IME, keeping the range less then that makes it worse....but then, what do I know.
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    I've had it happen a few time using a powerhead controlled by a float switch (what was I thinking)...I took everything back to norm asap. That said, a powerhead pumps a lot faster then a 40gph RODI unit. You might want to move a little slow. FWIW, I did it twice and never lost a thing other then...
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    Originally Posted by MaTT B I was using a salifert test kit for my cal and it was testing 500 and I was wondering why cause i didnt dose anything. so i had a friend check it and it was at 420. I looked into it some more and learnd that salifert had a bad batch of tests so this could be the case...
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    Amy, what brand of Ca test kit are you using? If its Salifert then I'd say your levels about right, if not then I'd try and double check it with another kit (not Salifert) 480-500's a little high but no worries. Whats your make up water test at?
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    need help

    Tanggirl, Tell us a little more about your setup, please....Are you using RODI water?
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    Digital Test Kits?

    Try Hannah meters..I have a Hannah PO4 colorimeter. Its pretty much the best investment I've made.
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    Howdy old friends

    what! no love from anybody
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    Howdy old friends

    Just thought I'd drop in and say Hi to some old friends Mark (aka golfish)
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    SPS in 2 Month Old Tank

    Originally Posted by EUPHORIA Guys, Is it ok to put SPS corals in a 2 month old tank if the water parameters are steady and being checked daily? I'd wait 6 months to a year...seeing the ammonia and nitarte levels drop to zero doesn't mean a tank has cycled. SPS have a better chance in mature...
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    When to Tream Cheato

    I think when its getting to large for the area its time to trim. Be carefull when trimming. I've seen bristleworms hanging out in the mess.