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  1. benj2112

    aaaaaaaaarg New Refractomer

    I live in a pretty old place and just calibrated mine as close to 68 as I could. The thermostat said it was 68; my outside thermometer said it was 68 and so did the weather channel. The interesting thing is that for about a year and a half now my cheap plastic hydromoter and refractomoter still...
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    You can just get it at a hardware store. Really make sure if they have it, though. I asked a guy at Home Depot where they kept theirs and first he didn't really know what it was (I think), then he said they didn't have any. I did some more searching myself and found where they kept it.
  3. benj2112

    Enough water movement?

    Hey Snipe...just a question out of curiosity. If you are over 10x for FO what does it matter as long as you don't have any dead spots? Example...Fo with 25x. Is that really too much for a FO?
  4. benj2112

    Snial Questions!

    That is why I don't have any crabs at all. I only keep a good variety of snails for my cleanup crew.
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    best plant for a refugium?

  6. benj2112

    best sand to buy

    Southdown if you can find it at Home Depot and then a cup or more of live sand full of critters.
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    100 years? Is that right??

    Man...I have to get me some of that anemone DNA.
  8. benj2112

    Is This True (Re: Catching Fish While They Are Asleep)

    Well, I feel sorry for that trigger. It was just being itself. Always research, research, research before you buy a fish or anything else in this hobby.
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    A ticked off teacher!

    Man...that is a hard one. I think the school policy around here (Chaska, MN) is that you don't have to say the pledge if they don't want to. I haven't been in the high school for a while, but I don't think you have to stand either. The whole thing came up because of religious reasoning, if I...
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    One thing to remember with Mexican Turbos...they are often called bulldozers. They can knock some of the more sensitive things over in your tank.
  11. benj2112

    Is It Live sand Or Memorex sand?

    Thanks Diadema!! :happyfish
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    Is It Live sand Or Memorex sand?

    Well, the sand sifters (like the sand sifting sea star) are hunting for the life in your sand bed that keeps it alive. This isn't a big deal in nature, but in our closed systems they eat enough to wipe out the critter life in your sand in no time. The sand the nasarious...
  13. benj2112

    Is It Live sand Or Memorex sand?

    You want the sand SHIFTERS and not the sand sifters. So, you don't want the sand sifting sea star and others like that. You can have micro stars, though. You want the nassarious snail for your sand bed as well, plus a variety of the other types of snails to help keep the tank clean. I...
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    Is It Live sand Or Memorex sand?

    I just wanted to make one point in hopes you stay on the right track... There is live sand and then there is Live Sand. If you can get your hands on some sand from a well established tank then you are miles ahead of what you get from the bagged 6-month shelf life variety, which isn't much more...
  15. benj2112

    Is It Live sand Or Memorex sand?

    You ever think of looking into the "play" sand you can get at Home Depot. Lots of people do that for real cheap. Then you cure it, and seed it with some real good live sand that is full of little critters. Save yourself some good cash.
  16. benj2112

    Whats Your Favorate Fish!!

    I still love my Royal Gramma. I love his coloring. The coolest thing is when he swims around upside down. That is so crazy. He just sits in his little hole upside down and swims right out like that without flipping over.
  17. benj2112

    saltwater plants

    If you want to lower you nitrates get some chaetomorpha. It doesn't go sexual and it doesn't attach to the substrate or anything. Some people seem to have problems with shaving brush plants. Also, clean-up crews can mess with them big time.
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    Holy Bristle Worms!

    Could be a mantis shrimp. What do you have in your tank.
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    You Gotta Hear About Our Power Outage Last Night!!!

    Glad you had a happy ending. I would get that generator too. You never know how long the power might be out and you might run out of battery juice.
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    Moving a tank a couple of inches...

    I had to move my tank a few inches when I added my sump. It was a major bit of work just for those few inches. The biggest problem was that the tank stand had pushed down into the carpet and created some pretty deep groves I had to first get the stand out of. I drained the tank to the tops of...