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    Possible Buisness idea

    hello all, my whole life I have loved fish/aquariums and I am looking into starting a small business on setting up tanks. if I were just to advertise to people In my neighborhood would I need a license?
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    new fish

    hello everyone :)! I started my 30 gal reef aquarium awhile ago and I have a niger trigger, a maroon clown, and a percula clown. I'm looking to add more fish, but I wanted to know I from you all what some of your favorite fish are. thanks!
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    Protein skimmer

    is there any way to totally get rid of them?
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    Protein skimmer

    I have an aquatic life mini internal skimmer. it has not dropped It has been making micro bubbles since I have purchased it
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    Protein skimmer

    hello all :D! my mini hang on tank protein skimmer is producing a lot of micro bubbles could anyone help me with this?