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  1. ladyreefseeker

    HELP with Bubble Tip Anemone

    It just looks like debris to me. You may be overdoing the cleaning. Many things do actually like the water a little dirty, and to change what they are used to very quickly, will add stress. The clownfish should be helping keep it clean, just see what you can do about the water, not too sterile.
  2. ladyreefseeker

    Unknown Hitchhiker Please ID

    I am thinking it is a soft coral as well, but the pictures aren't clear. I would just monitor it.
  3. ladyreefseeker

    Something is eating my fan worm

    I'd have to see what the beetle type thing is to be able to advise. If you get a photo of it, let us know.
  4. ladyreefseeker

    Nerite Snail has white stringy substance comimg out of it

    It's likely waste. Nothing to be worried about.
  5. ladyreefseeker

    XPort P04 cubes:

    I don't think they are to be replaced. Check the instructions on the cubes and do what it suggests. Looks like it works best with the Microbacter 7. The two should be used together.
  6. ladyreefseeker

    All lost in a week

    There are so many variables, it is difficult to speculate. I would monitor the tank for a while and see if you have this under control. I'm thinking it wasn't related to the worms.
  7. ladyreefseeker

    Six year old sick damsel.

    Looks like a bacterial infection. It looks pretty advanced. You could try a full spectrum antibiotic and see if it clears up.
  8. ladyreefseeker

    20g Redsea Max Nano

    Hello! Welcome back to the hobby. I would say filtration is a matter of preference. There are many ways to go about it. Get several opinions and then go with the one that best suits your goals. I run a 28g nano reef and only use a sponge for filtration changing it out every few days. No...
  9. ladyreefseeker

    Algae - Help please

    Hi Eric, Still sounds like a cyano. Try doing the Chemi-Clean a few months in a row. Do a deep clean of your substrate, and clean all of your power heads and tubing. It could be old tank syndrome where it just needs a refresh/major overhaul cleaning.
  10. ladyreefseeker

    Shark egg help please

    Hi there. I'm sorry for the crash. That's pretty devastating. It would be difficult to speculate. Perhaps keep in contact with your LFS to see what the outcome is. The shell is obviously protective, but to what extent likely depends on how hard the crash was, etc.
  11. ladyreefseeker

    New Tank, Need suggestions

    Everything sounds good to me. Lighting depends on what you plan to keep. We have basic lighting and some of the higher end options as well. We of course can help with all of the other items you are looking at as well, especially the live rock and marine life, etc. Be sure to reach out to us...
  12. ladyreefseeker

    Choclate Chip Starfish

    I'm not entirely sure what would cause this. Maybe someone else can input.
  13. ladyreefseeker

    new to the hobby

    The general rule would be 1 inch of fish per 5 gallons, so choose 2 small fish you would like and build the set up around that. you could have a shrimp or two as well. Crabs and snails,etc.
  14. ladyreefseeker

    Our Toadstool coral is broken :(

    Let it be and when it settles, it will grow more of a footing. Even if it detaches, it is not dead.
  15. ladyreefseeker

    Maroon Clown - darkness, lethargic, not eating

    It sounds to me like you are on the right track. Continue and monitor.
  16. ladyreefseeker

    I got a unique case and I need help

    The safest suggestion would be to use live sand such as Aragalive, and live rock, but to quarantine the rock so you can monitor for any hitchhikers. Beyond that, it is just your preference of set up. Macro algae's are fantastic, but be careful keeping them in the display tank as they will...
  17. ladyreefseeker

    Can you would you ID this for me?

    The leather looks like a finger leather and the small one in front is a soft coral, not a leather. It's a Lemnalia or similar.
  18. ladyreefseeker

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    I will be in contact next week. Thanks!

    I will be in contact next week. Thanks!