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  1. stapler

    Tomato Clown with Xenia

    Mine dont host anything..
  2. stapler

    Lion fish in reef tank

    You could look into some larger wrasses. Just make sure its bigger than your lion fish's mouth.
  3. stapler

    Just got my Helfrichi firefish what do you think?

    Very nice, where did you get it from and how much?
  4. stapler

    Hang On Wet/Dry Filter Help

    Is the hole on top of the collection cup? That would probably just be an air vent.
  5. stapler

    White things on my glass

    They look like worms? Do they move fast? It could be pods, hydriod jellyfish, feather dusters, mini starfish....etc.
  6. stapler

    80 gallon

    I think your initial idea would be great for an 80g and you wouldnt have any problems keeping corals. You could keep clams with 2x400w MH's. As for supplemental lighting, look into VHO lighting instead of PC's. They are much stronger. If it were me, I would do 2x250 or 2x400w 10k, and VHO...
  7. stapler

    one good.. the other bad.

    Forgot to ask...where do u have them in your tank?
  8. stapler

    one good.. the other bad.

    I have heard that xenia does better when nitrates are a little higher. Not on expert on it, but my 2 different xenias are doing fine with my nitrates at 5-10. I have the same kinds u do.
  9. stapler

    Sexy Shrimp

    From what I have heard, they are easy to care for, and are harmless to others in your tank. I would like to add a few someday as well to my 30g.
  10. stapler

    looking to add mh to my 55 gal

    I have a 175w 20k on my 30g....and it looks great. Its not really that blue to me...and I run 110w 50/50 PC along with the MH. If you can, got with the 250's. The more light the better. Also, dont rate lighting by watts per gallon...that really doesnt mean anything.
  11. stapler

    Any frag swaps around me?

    There is one in Anaheim this Sunday...someone from the bay area is making the trip that I know of. email me if interested.
  12. stapler

    LION FISJ! yea!!!

    It all depends on whats in his tank. Need some more info before we can give advice.
  13. stapler

    Is this good enough for anything?

    Thanks man...I might give that a try. Right now he has no anything will do.
  14. stapler

    Is this good enough for anything?

    Yeah thats what I thought...the only problem is the length.
  15. stapler

    I'm watching you!!

    Looks like hes getting ready for the attack.
  16. stapler


    I think that lighting would only be good for polyps and mushrooms. Not sure about other corals, but would give those a try first.
  17. stapler

    ID this hermit?

    They are also very aggressive, or at least in my tank they are.
  18. stapler

    ID this hermit?

    Could it be a cortez hermit? I have a bunch, and they have dark brown legs. Dont look like my red legged or blue legged.
  19. stapler

    HOB filter question

    ...which in turn will help aireate the water. A good thing!:yes:
  20. stapler

    tank ?

    Im not sure, but I would just take the tank to the side of the house and fill it up with water with the hose. You can then check for leaks or any signs of wear.