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  1. 14yroldkid

    Valuable clowns?

    black paint is expensive ha ha ha ha ha ha :hilarious :hilarious :yes: :yes:
  2. 14yroldkid

    Big Tanks!

    :hilarious :hilarious :D :D
  3. 14yroldkid

    Baby shark

    i love their big reef tank it is soooooooo cooool!!!!!!!:cheer: :cheer: :yes: :yes:
  4. 14yroldkid

    clown fish

    i had 2 juvenile perc,a full grown perc and a clarkii in a 20gal and the did fine :notsure: :notsure:
  5. 14yroldkid

    Baby shark

    did you go to newport aqaurium??
  6. 14yroldkid

    what fish has a sense of humor?

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :hilarious :hilarious
  7. 14yroldkid


    dude calm down:rolleyes: :rolleyes: some poeple dont know the name but dat dont meen they dont know anything about the fish
  8. 14yroldkid

    Where To Go Part 2?????

    i wanna put 2 55watt pcs in how much would dat cost?
  9. 14yroldkid

    Where To Go Part 2?????

    one says 50 the other says 150+:notsure: :notsure: srry marvida i gotta go wit viper on dis one well lets say i hope he is right:nervous: :nervous:
  10. 14yroldkid

    Where To Go Part 2?????

    i am planning on puting some pcs in my normal flourecent light how much will a ballest and end caps cost????
  11. 14yroldkid

    Let Me See Yurr Reef Tanks

    BUMP BUMP BUMP.....i hate dat song :-(
  12. 14yroldkid

    Clownfish For Sale?

    go to a lfs im sure they will have what yurr lookin for:yes: :yes: good luck
  13. 14yroldkid

    Free Package to the 100th post

    PLEASE BE MEEEEE!!!!!:jumping: :jumping:
  14. 14yroldkid

    What Are Ballest And Endcaps And Where Are They On The Light

    A PIC WOULD BE NICE:yes: :notsure: :notsure:
  15. 14yroldkid

    Where To Go

  16. 14yroldkid

    Where To Go

    all i need is the ballest and the endcaps what are they on the light?
  17. 14yroldkid

    Where To Go

    ok i found out wat i need to do...but dont no wat the ballest or endcaps are can somone help me?:notsure: :notsure:
  18. 14yroldkid

    Where To Go

    I want to add some pcs to my normal flouresent light fix. but i need to know how to do it...... im hopin to add a 65 watt light to it can someone direct me to were i need to go to figure out how to do dis
  19. 14yroldkid

    Let Me See Yurr Reef Tanks

  20. 14yroldkid

    Cincy Reefer You There?

    yeah:yes: :yes: im not dat mean