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  1. saltynewbie

    JBJ nano cube

    hey discusking... what are you gonna do with the tank when you have to move out for summer and stuff?
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    brrrrr.... thats chilly..
  3. saltynewbie

    help, i'm dying

    the nitrates are most likely the problem. you should do a water change with RO/DI water and keep an eye on the nitrates closely. what type of fish do you have in there? how long has your tank been cycled? by the way - the "flower coral" you referred to looks like a cabbage leather (sinularia...
  4. saltynewbie

    my fish died in my tank should i remove it?

    :eek: thats ALOT of fish to decompose... especially in a 55 gal... remove 'em asap!!
  5. saltynewbie

    Wrasse Suggestion!

    i have always been partial to the lunare or the rainbow! :D
  6. saltynewbie

    New Blue FIsh

    bicolor dottybacks are quite possibly one of the meanest fish you can get IMO..
  7. saltynewbie

    Not new, but what is going on with all this algae?

    your tap water is most likely the problem. if you can eliminate the input of phosphates by the use of RO/DI water, you can start to get the problem under control. this website sells RO/DI units in the drygoods section. check those out and find one that would work best for your needs.
  8. saltynewbie

    Not new, but what is going on with all this algae?

    what type of water are you using to do water changes? i suspect you have a phosphate problem...
  9. saltynewbie

    Dried up mushroom?

    can you post a pic of it? there is no need to quarantine the coral... and for sure dont throw it away!
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    Need help on compatabilaty QUICK!

    i cant guarantee it, but i dont think there should be a problem. have the rainbow wrasse and the shrimp been together the whole time? it seems like the wrasse would have made a snack out of the shrimp by now.... so do you have a fish store nearby??
  11. saltynewbie

    Need help on compatabilaty QUICK!

    do you have a fish store closeby? if so, most will take fish and give you store credit for them. if so, take the fish to them and set the tank up without having to worry about losing fish. then, after you have the tank set up, running, and stabilized, get some fish.
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    Some Pics of my Reef

    looks great tony!
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    Mixing Dwarfs?

    keep a close eye on them... if one starts beating the other up too badly or stressing the other out, you may want to consider removing one or the other.
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    Need help on compatabilaty QUICK!

    i think that the rest of the fish you mentioned will be fine together in that size tank. im not really sure about the lobsters honestly... if i recall correctly, they get pretty large, but i have never kept one. anyone out there have experience with lobsters?
  15. saltynewbie

    Beginner At Saltwater!!!!!!!!!!!

    swimrnum1- first, the tang and the butterflies will get too large for your tank, and the coral beauty will need more swimming room to be happy. second, let me suggest an excellent book for beginners.. its called The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert M. Fenner. i would definately check...
  16. saltynewbie

    Need help on compatabilaty QUICK!

    Originally posted by ogdog30 :yes: i guess thats a yes on them being a pair? if they are a pair, the only conflict i can see that you may have would be between the maroons and the perc. what size tank will they be in?
  17. saltynewbie

    Need help on compatabilaty QUICK!

    you will most likely encounter problems between the maroon clowns and the perc. are the maroon clowns a mated pair?
  18. saltynewbie

    Used Setup/Good Deal?

    Originally posted by Dacia 11 types of corals alone would cost around $400 I wish I could find good deals like that around here! :thinking: not really sure where that figure came from, but im pretty sure i wouldnt pay $600 for it... then again, its not my money, so spend it as you wish!! :D
  19. saltynewbie

    Dried up mushroom?

    flush him?!??!? i definately wouldnt do that... mushrooms are one of the most hardy species of coral, and they will sometimes do what you are describing if they are damaged. if your water parameters are ok, then the mushroom should recover soon.
  20. saltynewbie

    Mixing Dwarfs?

    what size tank do you have them in? fish aggression can vary from specimen to specimen... a friend of mine has had as many as 3 dwarf angels in a 100 gallon (not that i recommend this) with little or no aggression. personally i wouldnt even attempt 2 dwarf angels in anything under a 100 gallon...