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  1. usc932000

    Coralife Super Skimmer

    Originally Posted by Flower Very true, it is th HOB that creates the problems with it, in a sump it would be fine. Ditto. I too have used this Skimmer in both locations. But even in the sump it had to be adjusted. I finally said enough with this skimmer the day i came home and saw that I had...
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    Got Electrocuted

    Originally Posted by nycbob another reason why every hobbyist should run their equipments off gfci outlets. it only costs $10-15, but it could save ur life! Ditto!
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    How do you react at a LFS?

    If given the chance, I normally explain to the customer whats deemed to be the proper or correct way, and point them in the direction where they can research the info for themselves (normally here). But i would never tell someone that they are flat out wrong in their approach. Somtimes the...
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    Live Rock

    I'll be moving about 6 hours south of me to NOVA (Northern Virginia). I thought that would probably be the case (Dead LR), but wanted to ask just in case. Thanks
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    Live Rock

    Greetings all, I am in the process of prepairing to move in two weeks. I have given my animals and inverts away but I'm keeping my live rock. Whats the best way of keeping the LR healthy? I'll be moving towards the end of the month and will be at my new location the beginning of July meaning...
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    Dark red Algae?

    Hello, It sounds like it could be Cyano. But without seeing a pic its difficult to tell you exactly what it is or could be.
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    Need some suggestions on how to remove a large bristle worm

    Here is my Monster thats hiding now.
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    Need some suggestions on how to remove a large bristle worm

    I have a monster lurking in my Tank as well, have pics but cannot post them...I am trying.
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    Chocolate Chip Starfish

    Ditto, mine does the same, then I'll fed it.
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    To all guests on

    Originally Posted by T316 Good point USC... I agree that I personally don't like seeing new folks being scolded and sent to go search. It doesn't bother me at all if someone asks a question that has already been asked 100 times. I think it's fine to post a link to something, or direct people to...
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    To all guests on

    I believe that most guests are looking around first and reading discussions and posts if they have questions. They may not want to ask a question and be told "Did you" OR the guaranteed verbal beat down that they get when they post their methods of doing things if its not...
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    Lionfish Will Not Eat

    Refusing to eat is a common occurance with lions and depending on what Lion you have it could be a long battle. But it could also be something as simple as your params being out of order as to why Sepulatian asked what your params were. Its hard to give any advice without knowing your params.
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    I agree with the Aqua C!!! Made the mistake of buying a Coralife and cant wait to buy the Aqua C which I should have done at first.
  14. usc932000

    Lawnmower Blenny & Hair Algae

    I'm having a prob with hair algae and am considering a Blenny. My trates and phosphate are 0 and have been that way for awhile. I just returned from Vacation without feeding the tank and lights were on a timer with the Actinic only and it looks like more has grown since I left a week ago, so I'm...
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    Crush Coral v/s Sand bed

    I just swapped my CC to a sand bed not even a month ago. I had the same discriptions as you mentioned (nasty smell...etc). You only mentioned your zoos. Do you have any other livestock? The reason to know this is to determine how long will you need to house the occupants in a temporary tank or...
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    Dumbest school rule ever.

    Originally Posted by earlybird Agreed. How bout the Dodgeball Ban in some schools? Stupid Now that IS THE most stupid rule ever and I was just about to post that one. Apparently kids today are so violent or administrators think that a game of DB will some how mame, kill or turn DB players...
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    fl. vacation

    It really depends when you will be there. I'll be moving back there soon and will be going down myself in a few weeks to get my house and job lined up...... Since you will be in the Orlando-kisseemee area, there is really too much to describe to do. There is always Disney and Universal Studios...
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    Drip acclamation

    Originally Posted by florida joe IMO I don’t think it’s a good idea to transfuse a fish straight into a tank with the salinity level at the hypo point unless you’re going to drip over a 48hr time frame You're right... My plan is to drip the QT for 45min to an hour and Stop..I'll do this 3x in...
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    ich and quarentine questions

    I'm with you now.....duh on my behalf! So is the QT timeframe still the same?
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    what was the worst advice your lfs gave you?

    Originally Posted by Fats71 Which one ?? 1 ***** - Yes its best to throw damsels into your sw tank within 12 hours of adding the water. 2 ***** - Add a clown with them it will be fine Actually my emergency LFS (*****) is very good. Their SW tanks are hypo set and they have a wonderful and...