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  1. beaslbob

    My First SW Tank

    the overflow will drain water above a certain level. no valves are required. the faster you pump the water back to the tank, the faster the water drains back to the sump.
  2. beaslbob

    My First SW Tank

    Sounds like you did better on your sump than my first sump. I tested for power out (no flood), power return (normal operation returns), but forgot to test drain failure (sump doesn't flood). So after a few month had a wet floor. LOL my .02
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    Help getting started

    This thread is excellent
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    Water change question!

    I recommend using macro algae but that's just me and my .02 with or without a water change, I would try a few male mollies to help the cycle and check the system. Better to lose a $2 molly (better yet to not lose it. LOL), than more expensive marine only fish But that's just more of my .02
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    Please Help!!! Tank making gurgling sound????????

    this is from 2002. wonder if it's still gurgling. LOL
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    Nitrogen cycle taking forever on 500 gal setup

    how did it work?
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    Nitrogen cycle taking forever on 500 gal setup

    The api test kit is notorious for reading .25ppm. Never got a zero reading except in freshwater. yet the marine tank ran for years and years with no problems. FWIW I use and recommend using macro algaes which consume ammonia directly preventing the dangerous spikes. The seachem ammo dot...
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    Coming back to the hobby!

    welcome back IMHO the best thing is to insure you have enough macro (and other) algae to balance and stabilize the tank. my .02
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    New to owning a tank

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    from a web site:
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    Ñewn old

    welcome. FWIW the old ways still work. LOL
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    I'm kinda nervous

    IMHO your biowheels are doing more than you think. I would add macro algae in a refugium to replace the algae on the biowheels. My .02
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    What's your maintenance schedule?

    Geee Am I supposed to have a schedule?
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    Aquarium cycle without fish

    Another way is to start with macro algae. The algae will consume ammonia directly preventing the spikes. Bacteria will build up and the macros will then consume the resulting nitrates
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    woopsies. my 2020 reply to a 2006 post is now irrelevant.
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    Looking for ideas

    I recommend you start with macro algae usually in a refugium. Which can be just an in tank partition
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    New tank

    IMHO canister filters are not the best but still effective. I recommend you start the system with macro algae right from the start. that way the system will be balanced and stabilized from the get go. Macros do best in a refugium which in its' simplist form can just be an in tank partition...
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    Starting New 55g

    I would reconsider those fish. I would stick with clowns, a few blennies, pigmy angelfish. I also recommend you start the tank with macro algae to balance out and stabilize the system. On my old 55g, I crammed in egg crate 3" in from of the back to partition the tank with a front livestock and...