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  1. jazzfish

    Walmart RO Water

    Depending on where you live, you can find a machine that dispenses water into a jug you bring yourself (usually .30 a gallon). A company called Glacier distributes these machines. Perhaps you could contact the company and find the vending machine closest to you. By the way, this water has a...
  2. jazzfish

    Protein skimmer suggestions (115 total gal)

    Great, one more thing to worry about.
  3. jazzfish

    Protein skimmer suggestions (115 total gal)

    Okay I decide on an ev 120. Why should I get a Dolphin instead of a Rio 2100?
  4. jazzfish

    Snowflake eels and other fish?

    Thanks for the info. I also have an empty 29 tank. Would an eel be happy in there, and who would be safe with him?
  5. jazzfish

    Snowflake eels and other fish?

    Is a snowflake eel safe (generally) with just about any fish? I would like to have a school of green chromis and wonder if that will be a problem.
  6. jazzfish

    Need help for a sump fuge layout.

    I have an 85 gallon tank I want to attach to a refugium and a sump. The refugium is a 29 gallon and due to size will not fit under the stand. The sump will be a ten gallon tank where I will drain all water (is 1200 gph reasonable?), hold the skimmer and have a rio 26H return pump. Has anyone...
  7. jazzfish

    breaking in 85 gallon tank

    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to break in the new 85 gal tank for a week or two, take out thirty gallons, then add the contents of my present tank. I also have a ten gallon tank of live sand I'll use as a sump to get things moving. From your experience it sounds as though it won't be as...
  8. jazzfish

    Should my tank be this cloudy

    I asked the guy at the lfs the exact same question. It will clear up. Did you rinse your sand when you set up? That helps to pull out a lot of fine particles. It's okay if you didn't but next time you'll know and it'll clear faster. Good luck and have fun with the new tank.:)
  9. jazzfish

    Gallon equation?

    Multiply the dimensions of your tank and divide by 231. For example, say your tank is 48X15X13. 9,360 divided by 231 is 40.51948, approx. 40 gallons.
  10. jazzfish

    breaking in 85 gallon tank

    I will also be moving live rock from the small tank gradually. You see, the 29 will eventually be the refugium. But I can't just hook it up to the new tank and expect my poor fish to deal with 85 gallons of new water all at once! SO I guess the ? is how best to make the transition.
  11. jazzfish

    breaking in 85 gallon tank

    I'm sorry, maybe I didn't explain it right. How many water changes can the 29 gallon tank take? I figure the more "seasoned" water in the 85 gal tank the better. It will be cycling, of course, but I'll be giving it water from the 29 gal to help it along.
  12. jazzfish

    breaking in 85 gallon tank

    I want to break in a new 85 gallon tank by drawing water of my established 29 gallon tank/10 gal fuge. How "fast" can I do this? I normally draw off 5 gallons a week for water changes. Would I get away with ten gallons a week? Or two gallons a day? Any thoughts/opinions? And what ratio of...
  13. jazzfish

    Where do I put the FeatherDuster?

    I once had a red leggedhermit crab that ripped the crap out of my featherdusters. Keep on an eye on your specimens if you have hermits.
  14. jazzfish

    8g What could I put in it

    I know this is a SW site, but with 8 gals you're better off with some nice goldfish or a betta. You can be lazier about maintenance and won't even need a heater. Even though I have a SW tank downstairs, I love looking at my little goldfish tank in my bedroom each night.
  15. jazzfish

    Paint your backs

    I also used rustoleum black in a can and had excellent results.
  16. jazzfish

    Protein skimmer suggestions (115 total gal)

    I'm looking for a new skimmer to put in a 30 gallon sump/fuge which will feed to a 85 gallon tank. I'm interested in the AquaMedic 1000 turboflotor. Does anyone out there have this skimmer and would they recommend it? Warn against it? Any other recs? Thanks.
  17. jazzfish

    Question regarding Water Changes

    Oh I see, sorry. I wonder how that tank can evaporate 3-5 gallons a week.
  18. jazzfish

    How shallow is too shallow?

    I found an acrylic tank that's six feet long by only 13" high. Do you think it's a good idea to have a tank so shallow? It sounds so easy to work with and it would be easy to keep the water mooving. BTW, it's 75 gallons.
  19. jazzfish

    my new swa/ some pics and questions

    The tank looks great so far. Keep up the good work.:joy:
  20. jazzfish

    my new swa/ some pics and questions

    Get yourself one of those syringes that come with computer printer refill kits. Fill it with lemon juice and squirt a little into the mouths of all your aiptaisias to kill them (only do this right before your routine water change.) I swear it works. The syringe will also be helpful for...