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  1. ajroc31

    Bubble in Eye

    I had a chalk bass that had the same problems, it will come and go, fish was fine, but its annoying. Don't stress out. There is a salt that helps the swelling go down, cant rememeber the name to save my life, but u could get it in any grocery store.
  2. ajroc31

    125 gallon stocking

    Love Copperbands, but they are difficult to keep, and will nip at corals. If ich ever gets them, say good bye, and they die an awful death. Get a QT anyways. Sohal tang is a beautiful beast. They are very large, and mean, and I mean mean. My friend put one in a tank ( no other tangs) and within...
  3. ajroc31

    Sleeper Gold Head Gobies Suck

    If you have a reef tank please stay away from that fish. Every website will tell you how its great for a reef tank, and it does a great job of turning the SB, however it is a killer. They lift the sand really high and start dropping it all over the tank and cover in sand anything that is on the...
  4. ajroc31

    55 gallon about 4 weeks old

    Love the rock work.
  5. ajroc31

    My new 34 gal reef tank-from a complete newbie

    Nice little tank, there is something charming about nanos.
  6. ajroc31

    Finally, the 215 is up and running

    Thank you for the nice replies. I love those mushrooms, had the top one for over 6 years now, and it went through hell and back. Three different tanks, two houses, terrible water quality, exploding heater, and so on, and its kicking. Recently I had to give away 5 of its children, it was just too...
  7. ajroc31

    Finally, the 215 is up and running

    Here are some pics of my new 215 upgraded from 125. Lots of work, time, frustration and luck. I am almost done with it, just need to add few frags here and there, and it should be set. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  8. ajroc31

    serious problems with Phosphates??

    No, your bio filter could do a great job of controlling it. I have phosphate issues and my nitrate is 0. "Flake fish food is typically about 1% phosphorus (3% phosphate equivalent) by weight (and many products have such phosphorus data on their labels). Consequently, if five grams of flake food...
  9. ajroc31

    Switching aquariums

    I was think about the Kole a bit, and I agree with you. It would be a bit crowded. I also have a Copperbend, mandrin goby, Royal Gramme, Sixline, Lawnmower goby, tail spot goby, Chalk Basslet, and a Camel Cowfish, and two Oceallaris, so, yeah, it would be crowded, after all I am upgrading so...
  10. ajroc31

    serious problems with Phosphates??

    Ok, so you have a 150 gl tank, 11 clowns, two regal tangs ( bass of the seas), and two cleaner shrimp to clean the waste (which they do as they please). I am not sure what the impact of the mixed sand bed is, but you have no cleaning crew. What is not eaten, just sits there dirties up the water.
  11. ajroc31

    serious problems with Phosphates??

    Brown algae is connected to silicates, nothing to worry about it comes and goes, just try to control it next time you get it. Phosphate sponge will take the silicates out, once the phosphates are way down.
  12. ajroc31

    Hurt fish?

    Test the water anyways, but if the behavior of the fish is fine, besides that they look like crap, I would cross that out, and if it was the water, the cleaner would be the first to go, yet he is fine. Maybe you have a nasty hitchhiker that attacks your fish at night. If the sixline is large...
  13. ajroc31

    serious problems with Phosphates??

    One thing is that really glaring to me is the sand bed. I wonder if the sand fills all the holes that the crushed coral creates, or is it losely packed. If so, that would be the cause of high phosphates and nitrates. Personally, I hate CC, but others stand by it.
  14. ajroc31

    serious problems with Phosphates??

    How large is your tank? Protein skimmer? Do you have lots of algea growing? If you could give all the detail about your tank, it would make things a bit easier. Phosphate kits are notorious to be wrong, so there is a chance that is what is happening. The two cleaner shrimp is small, unless you...
  15. ajroc31

    serious problems with Phosphates??

    In a pet store, every pet store, you could find a vacuum thingy, its a hose with a tube, i am sure you have seen it. They do a good job getting all the crap out. Sand sifting stars do that, but in home aquarium they usually starve. Sand sifting fish, do not like crushed coral, its too big for...
  16. ajroc31


    Go to marcorocks dot com, they have a little guide on doing live rock.
  17. ajroc31

    Gray Algea

    Someone posted this topic before, not sure what it is, but he did start losing live stock soon after, please search the posts.
  18. ajroc31

    serious problems with Phosphates??

    That seems to be a really hurried freak out. Start from the top, get a new phosphate kit, and test your water somewhere else, like your lfs. If both test confirm it, well than you know for sure you got a problem. The problem I can see, maybe others will disagree, is that you have both sand and...
  19. ajroc31

    Switching aquariums

    Wow Flower, you really did some work. Thank you so much for taking the time.
  20. ajroc31

    Switching aquariums

    Ok, one last thing, in his fuge he has bio balls, I was thinking for now, I should keep them there, just so that I could have extra bio filtration to prevent any spikes. He also gave me lots of Jungle Ammonia Clear tablets, I guess is there is an ammonia spike, I will consider using them. Good idea?