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  1. namas05

    no more for me

    Sorry to hear about your losses, the job and the big tank. If you are planning on selling off your live stock, contact me I am a member of a couple of club and could probably arrange a group buy or two to get you some larger lumps of money. That is if you don't mind shipping some corals and...
  2. namas05

    a savior in a power outtage-

    I have one of these for my tank and it was well worht the money spent last summer when I lost power for 2 days. Nothing in the tanks was lost because I was able to keep the pumps running with this small power unit. And I paid twice that for mine,, great investment.
  3. namas05

    Live Rock

    Things grow out of LR. LR does not grow things. Many types of LR but all do basically the same thing. It is mostly a personal preferance on what type to buy and what your budget will allow for. Probably figi and tonga is the most readily available now, but have heard they are shuting down the...
  4. namas05

    Tang question

    Would have to agree with the above on both fish. Your tank is just too small for either.
  5. namas05

    Idiot Proof ph test?

    I also agree that the ph meter is much more accurate and user friendly. But for test kits I like the salifert and API much better than anything I have ever used. The dip strips are worthless really. IMO
  6. namas05

    Filters intake

    Shorten the intake tube. If you get sand in the pump it will burn up the pump. How deep is the tank? Is that the original intake tubing? Seems odd that it would be that long.
  7. namas05

    A few salinity questions

    Are you still confused bruner? Send me a PM and I can get into more detail if you would like.
  8. namas05

    Do Emrald Crabs mate?

    Either they mate or the ones god created in the beginning of time have lasted forever,,,lol Yes they mate, as to if you will ever see baby emralds, probably not. But all creatures mate.
  9. namas05

    while in qt?

    And what size is the QT tank? I still say you are asking for trouble with that many fish in a QT unless it is huge.
  10. namas05

    Hydrometer vs. Refractometer

    the cheapest refractor on the market is better than the best hydro on the market hands down. I would not think twice about spending the $40 or so dollars to get one. Much cheaper than a problem down the road that could cost you hundreds. Just be sure to claibrate it and check claibration...
  11. namas05

    Need help with live rock

    If it smells bad I would cure it again. Do not do water changes every few days as that will wash the rock, but not cure it. Scrubbing the rock will take of the dead stuff, but you will not kill all of the beneficial bacteria and growth by scrubbing only if you let it completely dry out will it...
  12. namas05

    Can i run Koralia off a wave maker?

    NO, it will burn up the motors.
  13. namas05

    Please Help...

    You say you are using RO water, but is it RO/DI? Also have you checked your phosphates, and do you have a way of checking the TDS (total disolved solids). These are all things that can contribute to the problem. As stated above the reduction in light will help, but will not solve the problem.
  14. namas05

    WTB:a bright blue clam about 2-3 inches

    he has nice healthy clams too. I have one from him and it is sweet, not blue though, but bet he has a blue one for you.
  15. namas05

    sand + filters

    It will clear much faster with the filter on than it will with it off. If you have sponge in the filter be sure you clean it out well after the water clears.
  16. namas05

    what can I have under these lights?

    Well, the first thing is, are they basic flor., T-5, PC, or MH and what wattage? You can keep fish and LR under just about any light system as long as it is bright enough for you to see in the tank. I agree dump the 6000K bulb you don't want it. If you plan to keep coral then you will...
  17. namas05

    wheres the bugs?

    What type of fish do you have? Maybe that your fish are eating them. Also do you have a fuge where they can grow and breed?
  18. namas05

    lighting over kill???

    The only over kill there is the money you are spending on bulbs. If you want to be successful keeping corals with PC you will need to change them out about every 6 months or less. If you are keeping fish only then yes that iw way over kill. I suggest you find a MH or T-5 set up that will give...
  19. namas05

    QT cycle is stuck.

    Agree with the above, but what is in the QT rock/sand andything like that? And really you do not need to continue to ghost feed once the spike has occured that is just adding to the nitrate/nitrite problem.