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  1. crabbeo

    My Boyfriends Upgrading ... Entire Setup for Sale HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA

    Looking for purple,orange,red,green zoas.And multi zoa rock.P.M some of those 15 dollar frags.
  2. crabbeo

    Mummy Eye, Dendros, Purple death colonies and more!!

    How much to shipp 2-3 purple death to 32506?Also do u have any more Kedds?
  3. crabbeo

    Tubbs, Jokers and a few others

    How much for 2-3 purple death to 32506?
  4. crabbeo

    For sale...pretty corals.

    I dont see any palys in your thread.I'd like to see some nice palys.
  5. crabbeo

    premium live rock in brandon,its real nice

    How much to ship 20-25lbs to 32506?Hopefully larger pieces with lots of color and variety to it.
  6. crabbeo

    premium live rock, 2.00 lb

    Would you ship 20-25 lbs?If so,how much to 32506?would love to see some pics.
  7. crabbeo

    Live Rock for sale/trade $3 per or $2 per for all

    Might be intrested in the red rock if you have better pic.
  8. crabbeo

    W.T.T. want to trade

    like to see pic of smallest one.
  9. crabbeo

    Selln it all

    Intrested in Zoas,mushrooms,rics,palys,clove,need to start filling up my new 55,i finally upgraded.
  10. crabbeo

    CHEAP ROCK FOR SALE $2 a Pound

    where are you located?
  11. crabbeo

    mixed frag pack: acan, zoas, cloves

    How much for 10 bam bams,5-10 rpe,and some green glove shipped prioity to 32506?Looking for new zoas for new bigger tank.
  12. crabbeo

    Live Rock, Live Sand & Cheato For Sale

    I like the piece with big bubble algea on it.
  13. crabbeo

    Shreveport, LA-Everything Goes

    First thing,Hope you did well in last nights weather.Love to see some pics
  14. crabbeo

    Cool Zoa/paly pack! CHICAGO

    Shame I'm way down in Florida,I like those orange zoas.
  15. crabbeo

    WTB PD and NG

    Looking to get a deal on 1-2 polys of Purple Death and/or Nuclear Green palys shipped to 32506.PM prices and pics
  16. crabbeo

    Getting out of the hobby everything goes!

    Is the first pic a rock/flower anemone?
  17. crabbeo

    selling all coral/fish/anemone NICE STUFF

    Sure would like some gonipora.
  18. crabbeo

    Lots of mushrooms for sale!

    How much to ship 2-3 of each color to 32506?I love more different mushrooms.
  19. crabbeo

    Brown/Pink Button Polyps. Pink and green frilly mushrooms, pompom zenias

    I'd be intrested in 2 or 3 of the frilly mushrooms.I'm in Pensacola,Fl so shipping should be about 10 dollars.P.M.