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  1. salty blues

    coral id please

    Originally Posted by Jstdv8 put it in the sump Easier said than done unfortunately, as it is making appearances on various locations of the live rock. I may have to pull each piece of rock out and scrub the crap off, but I suspect it will keep coming back regardless.
  2. salty blues

    coral id please

    Originally Posted by spanko Probably one of the Lobophora sp. macro algae. Is it relatively soft? Here is s picture of one. Yeh, that certainly looks like what is in my tank. It is relatively soft. I wouldn't mind it so much if it was a different color. I just wish I knew a way to get rid of...
  3. salty blues

    coral id please

    Originally Posted by Hunt does it have a mouth in the center of it No mouth. It grows(prolifically)with plates on top of each other. I am afraid it is going to take over my tank! The pic is the original specimen that was on a piece of live rock.
  4. salty blues

    Taking fish/corals from ocean

    Originally Posted by imclownfish Is there a specific word for that action? I believe that would be capitalism.
  5. salty blues

    coral id please

    Looking to ID the brownish coral in center of pic.
  6. salty blues

    So, does this mean we have a chance?

    Originally Posted by Coral Keeper Global warming, all of that is a bunch of crap. Amen to that!
  7. salty blues

    So, does this mean we have a chance?

    Originally Posted by reefraff I don't understand why more isn't made of Gore's obvious and blatant conflict of interest. He owns a carbon trading company. More is not made of it because the lamestream media is in the treehuggers/liberals/prez's back pocket.
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    Did anyone catch Anvil's performance on Conan the other night? Or they supposed to be for real or what? Maybe the joke is on me. The way they are being hyped on VH-1, one would have the impression they are metal's best kept secret. I am no metal player, but I think I could beat them just wanking...
  9. salty blues

    Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Well, if Jimma Cotta & Igore can get a Nobel, then so should Obama....birds of a feather.
  10. salty blues

    Will anemone eat ricordea?

    Did some rock rearranging today and found the orange ric under a small rock no worse for wear. So obviously the anemone did not eat the ric.
  11. salty blues

    What if electricity siezed to exist?

    If electricity "siezed" to exist, there would be plenty of time to study spelling.
  12. salty blues

    new tank cleaning question

    Originally Posted by jayguad but will the fact that it was outside make it harmful for the fish? Clean the tank up with white vinegar and rinse it well, I think it will be just fine.
  13. salty blues

    new tank cleaning question

    Originally Posted by jayguad hey, i haven't posted in a mth or so, but i have a cleaning question. i just got a 55g tank and it needs some work, as it is really dirty. i am not sure if i am going to use it for my saltwater or freshwater tank. it was stored outside and it needs to be clean...
  14. salty blues

    wholesale real cheap sneakers

    Well are they reef safe?
  15. salty blues

    will clowns host this?

    I had a pink tip nem that hosted a tomato clown, however the nem grew too large for my tank(29g)and I had to take it back to the lfs.
  16. salty blues

    C4C -- Clunkered car list....

    that is f n amazin'!
  17. salty blues


    AWI Typhoon
  18. salty blues

    new clownfish...problem??

    Originally Posted by asharp13 so i added 2 new clowns yesterday. they look like they are taking to the tank well and feel pretty relaxed. they seem to like the front glass which i dont have a problem with becasue i enjoy watching them but they look unnatural just swimming back and forth that...
  19. salty blues

    Will anemone eat ricordea?

    Yeh, I just recently received this orange ric from It was nice and healthy looking and had attatched(I thought) to the rock. Now it's skipped town.
  20. salty blues

    Will anemone eat ricordea?

    Originally Posted by meowzer Are you sure it could not have come UNattached??? It may have floated off somewhere Yeh, that's what I figured, but it's hard to see in all the nooks and crannies of live rock. It ain't worth movin' all that rock to search for. Oh well, maybe it will turn up.