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  1. cjb82

    need help w/powerhead

    Your goal is to turn your water about 10-15 times times each gal. of water. 75g x 10 = 750 gph the maxi-jet 900 are about 250 gph, so like mentioned before you would need 3. Hope this helps.
  2. cjb82

    hair algae

    Thanks for the pic, mine look like dark green balls,like cotton balls. I can't get my pics small enough to post.
  3. cjb82

    hair algae

  4. cjb82

    new tank

    yes, just a shrimp, like shrimp that you eat from the store and that will jump start your cycle.
  5. cjb82


    I agree no bubble wand. Leave the bubbles to your protein skimmer.
  6. cjb82

    Firefish Goby

    They should be ok. Firefish do better if bought in pairs and they also could jump out of tank so have a good closed up tank with not to many openings. Hope this helps.
  7. cjb82


    You could add a Damsel but I would wait until your tank cycles, you may not want a Damsel due to them being a semi-aggressive fish. Distilled Water is better than most tap water however R.O. Water is best. Hpoe this helps and welcome to the board.
  8. cjb82

    hair algae

    Can someone attach a pic of what hair algae looks like. On one piece of live rock I have what looks like moss?
  9. cjb82

    identify please

    this is a pic of what I'm talking about?
  10. cjb82

    identify please

    I have a piece of live lock that currently what looks like short grass or moss, is this hair algae? It is only on on piece of rock.
  11. cjb82

    Hermit crabs

    Thanks, The reason why I like advice is because at ***** I bought what they called scarlet but after a month or so they were huge and they started eating my corals. I took them out and brought one to a good LFS and he told me they sold me reg. hermit crabs that are not reef safe!
  12. cjb82

    open brain

    Thanks, I have a smaller one where the mouth is not that large. I use a turkey baster to get some food on him.
  13. cjb82

    Hermit crabs

    I really am unsure if I want blue leg hermits, let me know if anyone has hade success with them.
  14. cjb82

    open brain

    waterfaller,what do you feed it?
  15. cjb82

    Hermit crabs

    Anyone else have any advice?
  16. cjb82

    Hermit crabs

    Looking for advice on hermit crabs, which ones are better in a reef tank, scarlet or blue-leg hermits? LFS only carries blue leg. THANKS!!
  17. cjb82

    my new reef tank

    You can use a stainless steel hose clamp.
  18. cjb82

    water additives

    Not an expert but your Cal. appears to be low. I think your Cal. should be atleast 400.
  19. cjb82

    OT: For the Gators and Noles out there :)

    How bout those NOLES!!!!!!
  20. cjb82

    Live Rock