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  1. M

    16 cubes a day

    ...2 royal gramma 1 sleeper goby 1 diamond goby 1 powder blue tang 1 purple tang, lot of snails lot of hermit crabs 5 cleaner shrimp 1 copperband (soon-- in qt and eating :) ) i feed the tank 2 times a day and in the morning i feed them 8 cubes of megamarine and 2 pieces of seaweed (foxface...
  2. 3xplorer19

    Adding correct fish

    ...Now I have a 40 gallon breeder and only have a few selected fishes in it. Pair of clown(1") & anthias (1"), midas blenny(1"), blue dragonet (1"), wrasse(1") & royal hippo (3/4"). I am very satisfied with my fish collections. I might get a copperband butterfly for aptasia and that would be it.
  3. 300_FOWLR_dude

    FOWLR tank suggestions

    ...differences in in variety but Tangs, triggers, angels. The butterflies I have not had much luck with over the years other than the Copperband and the Foxface's. That said I have never tried having them first in the tank which I think may be the ticket. I like the stock lists for both...
  4. W

    New Dwarf Lionfish Help

    Eel still gets along with my copperband, both banggai’s, and filefish. And most recently a blue reef chromis that i picked up. Maybe since the lion was slower than the other fish the eel mistook it as food.
  5. W

    New Dwarf Lionfish Help

    ...Banggai Cardinalfish (large one is about 2” and the smaller about 1.5”) Juvenile Snowflake Moray Eel (About 7”) Green Matted Filefish (3”) Copperband Butterfly (aggressive eater and eats mysis and black worms) (4”) Lions are ambush predators from what I’ve read and am afraid that since it is...
  6. C

    Stocking List and or Advice

    Hi, I'm pretty new and I've just started looking at the equipment and lighting so that I can be a tank soon. It is a dual corner flow system of 220 g with a sump of 125 g. Now the list of fish I have looked on the internet and the LFS and thought was sweet.The list includes black & white...
  7. geridoc

    Identify this....

    Several butterflies, including the copperband will eat aptasia. However, butterflies are not the easiest of fish to keep, especially the copperband. Many are injured during shipping, and never recover.
  8. novahobbies

    Novahobbies official 110g rebuild thread

    ...Lunate Fairy Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus cf. lunatus (or possibly C. squirei) The last fish I'm really interested in adding to this tank is a Copperband Butterfly and possibly a Blue mandarin, but otherwise we're done. The clownfish are fun to watch since they like to "host" in a large paly colony...
  9. T

    75G Reef? N00B Questions! Please Help!'s okay. I've fallen in love with the following... - Red Scooter Blenny - Dog Face Puffer - Spotted Mandrin Goby - Blue Ring Angel - Copperband Butterfly - Rainford Goby - Citrus Goby - Green Mandrin Goby - Lionfish Those are the ones at ***** that I like, I do know that some (most?) are...
  10. novahobbies

    Novahobbies official 110g rebuild thread

    ...Midas Blenny Tiger Wardi Goby Potter's Angelfish Desjardini Tang IN QT: Rhomboid Wrasse 2017 Plans: Lineatus Wrasse Flame Wrasse Copperband Butterfly (I have some aptasia issues) :-\ Pair of Firefish or Citron gobies CRAZY THOUGHT: Goldflake Ange. The prices are coming down on this...
  11. Lapang

    How to get rid of hair worms?

    Worms are in copperband butterfly menu. But read about them extensively bfor you go for it bcos CB has its own challenges.....
  12. Lapang

    Fish Stocking Plan 125G FOWLR

    Among labeled as reefsafe butterflies are pyramid, copperband(chelmon family), schooling bannerfish(H. Diphretius). Butterflies go in first before angels bcos they are not, a school of bannerfish would look great in that tank.....just my .02
  13. ajackson2188

    NEW Freebies! Featuring a FREE Bubble Tip Anemone with Clownfish & More...

    ...we will add the free item to your order. NEW FREEBIE Bubble Tip Anemone w/ False Percula Clownfish FREE with coupon code: free22 NEW Copperband Butterfly Use code: free23 50 Assorted Cleaner Snails Use code: free2 Pack of 3 Assorted Coral Frags Use code: free3 Free Yellow Tang Use...
  14. M

    Marine fish dying and unsure why

    ...have a 350 litre tank, with a sump, phosphate and nitrate reactors, protein skimmer, uv steriliser and polypad. I had the following fish: Copperband butterfly fish Lipstick tang Regal tang 2 x clowns Emporer angelfish Yellow tang Royal gramma Fire fish Over the last 4 weeks I have lost the...
  15. M

    Marine fish dying for unknown reason

    ...a 350 litre tank, with a sump, phosphate and nitrate reactors, protein skimmer, uv steriliser and polypad. I had the following fish: Copperband butterfly fish Lipstick tang Regal tang 2 x clowns Emporer angelfish Yellow tang Royal gramma Fire fish Over the last 4 weeks I have lost the...
  16. iidylii

    my new wish list

    ...royal gramma red mandarin engineer goby blue reef chromis court jester scooter blenny pajama cardinal tiger watchman goby cleaner wrasse copperband butterfly bicolor angel bangaii cardinal lyretail anthias clarkii clown chalk bass after writing that list I see that my eyes seem bigger then...
  17. D

    inherited salt water fish tank need help I added. Had to remove everything in the tank just to catch him but everything in the tank seems more at peace and everything seems to be more active in the tank now.still have a few aptasias gonna try a copperband butterfly soon. All in all ready happy on how the tank is coming along.
  18. pegasus

    inherited salt water fish tank need help

    I'm not a fan of chemicals either, but Aiptasia-X is completely "reef safe". It isn't a poison. It's more of a glue than anything. It works by gluing the nem's mouth shut, and it basically implodes. Kind of fun to watch, actually...
  19. S

    inherited salt water fish tank need help

    ...had an out break of aptasia in both of my tanks, I am not one for putting chemicals in either tank so, for my 75 mixed reef I added a copperband and lucked out, he is doing a great job.. On the other tank a 125 gal fowlr, I will be adding a crap load of peppermint shrimp, it is a peaceful...
  20. blazehok68

    aptasia problem...mojano wand or laser?

    ...crazy and starting to affect my orange monti and a bunch of my zoo colonies. Tried peppermint shrimp twice, tried aioptasia x, tried a success with any. Next i was going to try burghia nudibranchs, but i am reading that you need about 6 of them to work in my size tank (28...