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  1. sniperace

    Clown losing tail fin

    am new to the forum and marine fish. on advice i set mt tank up and did as instructed i started populating it 8 days ago my water has been checked and all levels seem by charts to be fine, in the tank at the moment are 2 chromis nice an quiet and was jus a pair of mating comon clown ( large...
  2. sniperace

    chromis viridis

    i have a small amount of chromis my tank is only 5 days old.and they keep trying to feed off the surface of the water even after chasing the feed arround the tank and eating is this normal......please also 1 of the 4 hangs back at the largest coral rock while the other 3 surface to try get more...
  3. sniperace


    i am a pure beginer,my tank is 5 days old.i have had some help and the shop keeper is brilliant giving me advice and help.picture taken with my iphone.