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  1. ironreef

    Too Strong A Cleaning Magnet????

    big diff in mags ime. Hammerhead is alot stronger. The only mag floats I've seen are small. unless theres a bigger one?? Dunno but good magnets don't rust either which is a plus. They are better built JME
  2. ironreef

    Is this a good deal?

    Not to bad thats like just buying the LR... you get a free tank.
  3. ironreef

    Best in sump skimmer

    Not all skimmers are made of high grade acylic like Euroreefs,bullets,aerofoamers ect....Not all acylic is made equal some knock offs will crack with age.This is one reason some cost a few $$$ less. FWIW
  4. ironreef

    Best in sump skimmer

    depends on what you wanna spend. Theres self cleaning skimmers for $1000. But Euroreefs ,aerofoamers,bullets are the best for a cheaper price range.@ $300+
  5. ironreef

    Powerhead....Current Question?????

    10x is fine if you have softies. IME sps like more thats why I have 20x. Another factor is return size. 3/4 is gonna blast at 1000gph but 1 1/2 is gonna be gentle current at 1000gph. So I guess theres alot of varibles
  6. ironreef

    Powerhead....Current Question?????

    fwiw in a fo I would want at least 8x tank turnoffer via sump return ,filters ,powerheads ect... In a reef I would stive for more depending on your corals. If you've been to a reef you can see all the waves. I have over 20x an hour in my tank
  7. ironreef

    money no problem

    True true.. I suggested basic min I would want for any coral/ reef setup. But if I wanted dedicated sps I would opt for 400w radium setup chiller on line. Otherwise everything else would be the same. But $$ is always and object just buy they best you can afford. Theres cheaper ways but ....when...
  8. ironreef

    money no problem

    If $$ wasn't an object for a 125g= 4' or 6'? I would have 250w hqi ballast to run 10k. 2-3 depending on the lenght of the tank. A large sump to house an alga tank underneth with a vho bulb. I still would have a skimmer on line= Bullet3 or euroreef . I would have a cal reactor. An auto top off...
  9. ironreef

    How many fish is "too many"?

    depends on the fish. Some school some are territorial. But I would go 1" per 10g for adult fish. Why? 1" x8" fish ......a 8" fish wouldn't have much room in a 2 foot tank? 24g. But in the same token I would think you could have a 6" fish and 4-5 smaller ones in a 90g. Point is there is no rule...
  10. ironreef

    Best LFS in western Wa

    @ 15min North from me
  11. ironreef

    Best LFS in western Wa

    Originally posted by perchpsk im starting a 135 gallon reef Where in Kent are you? I'm by the Sumner Golf course
  12. ironreef

    Interesting article about NO lights with SPS and Clams

    I've tried growing corals under NO light. But barely could grow shrooms. But I've seen pics with sps and clams under NO lights. The sps were brown the clams were alive. But the tank owner used ocean water in weekly w/c. The key in the article is Plankton friendly. Corals and clams are filter...
  13. ironreef

    for sale in seattle/tacoma area

    What inverts?
  14. ironreef

    Best LFS in western Wa

    What kind of frags are you looking for?
  15. ironreef

    Help MH Lighting experts...About to spend $$$$

    B. All your doing is adding a 250w halide ballast. HQI ? I vote B. even if you don't upgrade tanks you can always add another 250w if you become a sps freak. :)
  16. ironreef

    Which Caulerpa do Tangs prefer?

    Mine eats everything =any kind of caulerpa. IME the fatter they are the less picky. I would just feed more of what it eats. Not more at one time but more times a day.
  17. ironreef

    Adding Chemicals.

    Maintain cal,alk and ph with additions of calcium and buffer. Ea tank is different. But trace comes from many sources= w/c and feedings of good foods. If you feed everyday you can look at your food source. Some foods contain 100-10,000x more traces parts than NSW. As for live rock you don't...
  18. ironreef

    Reasonable Ideal Reef Tank Size?

    IMO one that you have time for and can easily afford= foods,light bulbs, salts misc equipment and monthly electric bill. If you buy a tank to big can afford it or have enough time for it you will lo'se intrest and quit. I have a low maintace automated 120g. 4'x2x2' I would like a 60"x36"w x 24...
  19. ironreef

    HQI vs Mogul

    What bulb are you gonna use? If you use 10-20k I would get hqi ballast. You can run mogul bulbs 10-20k and get close to the same intesity as duel end. So you can run either. If you use 6.5k then you need a regular ballast which runs better than a mv. But sounds like your diy for a 10k. Run a hqi...
  20. ironreef

    Anybody use Combisan (by two little fishies)

    Combisan does add trace. Your tank may have been lacking something but qualitys foods have more or equal amounts for less $$. You can't bet the chemical analysis of it that says brine shrimp has more nurtient value. But if you like it and wanna spend the $$ thats fine but ime it didn't do...