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  1. laxplayer50

    Whats covering my rocks?

    Theres about 25ish pounds of rock in there. Ive had about 15 pounds of it for over three years and the other 10 pounds for only about four months.
  2. laxplayer50

    Whats covering my rocks?

    Any ideas?
  3. laxplayer50

    Whats covering my rocks?

    haha there it is
  4. laxplayer50

    Whats covering my rocks?

    I have been trying to figure out what this is and I cant seem to find anything. This is covering all of my rocks and is all that clear color. Any idea on what it may be would be appreciated
  5. laxplayer50

    The "Boys'" Tank 12 gal Nano

    I love those fish. I have one and they are great, friendly fish. Every time i walk into the room he just sits at the front of the tank and stares at me.
  6. laxplayer50

    Cyano? Could it be?

    Yeah that looks like cyano. It might from that the area has low flow or not enough. When i had this i just used a turkey baster and sucked as much up as i could and redirected some flow and its cleared up now.
  7. laxplayer50

    what do you think of these?

    I would love to have them! The price is a little out of my range though
  8. laxplayer50

    Terror in Unicorn Fish

    Relation to Burrito
  9. laxplayer50

    Taking the right steps?

    k will have the LFS do that, thanks for the advice
  10. laxplayer50

    Taking the right steps?

    I buy RO water from wal mart. I keep lights on for 8 hours a day. Also i have 2 korila nano PH's in my tank, there are really no dead spots. I feed mysids every three days, not much since i only have one fish right now. My parameters PH- 8.3 rates- 5 rites-0 KH- 10 ammonia- 0 Pho- 0 Cal- 400...
  11. laxplayer50

    Taking the right steps?

    I have a small cyno out break and was wondering if i am taking the right steps of getting rid of it. I know there are many threads about cyno but cant seem to get rid of it. Almost forgot, I have a 10 gallon tank that has been running for 3 months now. 1. weekly 1gallon water changes (shoould...
  12. laxplayer50

    60 gal fish tank

    Awesome tank. There is a great amount of color in there.
  13. laxplayer50

    Hitchhiker ID Plz, Cute little Nudibranch

    On another fourm it says that all nudibranchs are carnivores, so it could eat corals.
  14. laxplayer50

    700 gallon tank

    Glad you made your choice with SW. You will enjoy it more then freshwater after everything is done, imo. im definitely going to look for some pics
  15. laxplayer50

    Week 6

    gald big ben is back for the steelers, he always seems to get the job done.
  16. laxplayer50

    280g FOWLR Tank Diary

    Wow i like how the tank wraps around the wall like that.