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  1. f14peter

    overflow, sump,and pump

    First, you would need to determine how much headloss you're going to have, ... pumps lose GPH as they pump up vertically so figure out how much this is, accounting for any bends (Which can further reduce GPH) from where the pump is to the re-entry point in the tank. "Head" is the height the...
  2. f14peter

    cutting glass

    This isn't a hard-and-fast rule, but typically on tanks up around 50g and larger, only the bottom is tempered. As stated, always check with the manufacturer first because if you start drilling tempered glass, it's game over man!
  3. f14peter

    All-black longnose b'fly?

    Snapped this pic of these two about a month ago off the coast of Hawaii and as you can see, one of the longnose butterfly fish is all black ... So what's the deal with this guy? I've never heard of an all-black longnose.
  4. f14peter

    Weird Eating Habbits...

    Originally Posted by shogun323 I almost forgot..... I eat my fries with Mayo instead of ketchup. Wow, I thought that I was one of the few that did that. Picked it up from a buddy of mine in the USAF who did a stint in England and he came back mentioning that a lot of folks over there had mayo...
  5. f14peter

    What is Your Favorite Movie, and Why?

    Okay, in no particular order ... THE COMMITTMENTS: An indy film, funny, a great story about a young man starting a soul/blues band in Dubland Ireland, and music performed by the actors. If you like stories of individual drive, irony, soul/blues music, and a laugh ... run, don't walk to the...
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    Just saw this bumber sticker!!!

    Going back to the original post about bumperstickers, I did see an interesting (and to me, amusing) one a while ago: "If you're not willing to stand behind our troops ... feel free to stand in front of them."
  7. f14peter

    Just saw this bumber sticker!!!

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman If you've seen me post this a couple of times than you must have seen the posts I was responding too. People try to make it out like our soldiers didn't expect to go to war. The numbers are clear. Rention rates are high and every branch of the military is...
  8. f14peter

    Just saw this bumber sticker!!!

    Originally Posted by alix2.0 my grandfather was in the 8th airforce in ww2, and i consider him a murderer. war is no way to solve anything. Certainly a noble thought (About war), one to which I happen to agree ... with a bit of reality thrown in. The issue is that everybody would have to buy...
  9. f14peter

    Urban legends, myths... true or false?

    Originally Posted by smartorl There is a place here that is like that, it is called "Spook Hill", literally, if you put your car in neutral you will roll what appears to be uphill. You really have to pay attention to notice it but you do roll. I have heard it speculated that what appears to be...
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    Back around 1993-94, saw John Stewart (Of The Daily Show fame) at the Improv in San Diego. I hurt for three days afterwards from laughing so hard. Interestingly, his persona back then was much different than suit-n-tie image of The Daily Show anchor ... blue-jeans and leather jacket, looked...
  11. f14peter

    ***** tanks

    Originally Posted by browniebuck In Ohio, they are running the same sale, though they ran out of 55's by 11:00 at the one in Canton, and they said that they won't be getting anymore in before the sale ends (no rainchecks). Why run a sale if you won't have the supplies to meed the demand...
  12. f14peter

    oxygenating with H202

    Read an article in a fish-keeping magazine about a facility that had some tanks and their efforts to maintain them during a power outage. One method was to rig a redumentary two-prop attachment on a rod, which was then chucked into a battery powered hand drill, and the water aggitated...
  13. f14peter

    Has anybody seen those comedy roasts on Comedy Central?

    Saw the Shatner roast. Incredibly funny, but it seems like the majority of the jokes were at the expense of the other roasters and not the honoree. And while I'm not prude and enjoy a good raunchy joke, seemed like that was the theme ... the cruder, the better. Could have been just as funny...
  14. f14peter

    to the engineers/inventors an idea

    Originally Posted by trippkid All of this really should have been taken care of the first time we had an oil crisis, 70's. . What surprises me is the astonishingly low improvement in fuel economies since that era. Think about it, in the mid-1970s, one had a choice of dozens and dozens of...
  15. f14peter

    To the people who bash Bush here's what we had

    Originally Posted by mushroomss He is part of a group called the carlyle group.They are an oil investment group that has ties to the sauddis. Dang! I'll have to check my next mutual fund report, it undoubtedly has shares in several oil interests ... I suppose I'm making money off the war. Am I...
  16. f14peter

    ufos, need opions

    Originally Posted by rbaldino Would you all stop worrying about what planes, missiles, or bullets would take the aliens out. Everyone knows they're allergic to water. Super Soakers!!! Filled with Holy Water!!! Space: Above and Beyond I presume? Hey, when the survival of Earth and Humankind is...
  17. f14peter

    ufos, need opions

    Originally Posted by TriGa22 Yes, The Aim would be the way to go. The 120 may work because radar waves may work but it would most likely just veer off. If they were on ground the best way would be to send a F-16 out with some GBU 2,000lb warheads. If they were in air I would actually use some...
  18. f14peter

    ufos, need opions

    Originally Posted by TriGa22 Yes, but 22's could get to them. Now if the 22's didnt have Aim 9 Heat seakers or ATG's then bring in the A-10's, they have all ATG's and a 50 cal on the front that shreads tank armor. The gun can also be loaded with hotter and bigger bullets Actually, the Warthog's...
  19. f14peter

    ufos, need opions

    Originally Posted by Aztec Reef in 3minutes Aliens would've been back at their planet, takeng a shower, smoke a cigar and back again to EARTH just to doge the F-22's.. For sure, I doubt any alien race capable of practical inter-solar system travel would have much trouble with a few Raptors...
  20. f14peter

    Michael Vick

    Originally Posted by Jmick Vick is a piece of crap and I hope he loses millions of dollars in endorsements over this and his career...not only is he one of the most overrated players in the NFL but he's also an idiot and a scumbag. Not sure if I would label Vick a piece of crap yet (Willing...