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  1. zippy

    help with two crazy tangs

    You also have only 2 tangs. Not to harp on the fact of the tiny tank for tangs, if you keep more than one you need at least three. This will keep the aggression spread out over them all, instead of one dominant fish killing the other. For three tangs a 180 should be fine. Before I knew...
  2. zippy

    CPR overflow---anyone wanna sell one

    You could also do the Stockman mod on the pipes to get the added height instead of the baffles, but the principle is the same, water needs to be above the bottom of the u-tubes.
  3. zippy

    Feeding question-sump users

    I turn mine off as well. I have a lot less wasted food to break down in the tank, too. Now I feed what seems to be a more normal amount.
  4. zippy


    Yes, take steps now or you will have a problem. They'll spread all along the back rockwork where you can't get to and take over the tank.
  5. zippy

    wow... SWF out of ALL livestock

    A guy at my LFS said they got their last order Wednesday until after New Year's holiday. Shipping at this time of year is reserved for packages and no guarantee for live creatures can be given. So they ordered big and will have to wait.
  6. zippy

    BangGuy, what's a data architect?

    Just curious about what you do for a living. :confused:
  7. zippy

    Another noisy overflow HELP!!!

    Build an insulated box to set around your drainpipe going through the floor to the equipment. Keep it movable for maintenance, but sturdy enough to block the sound. You can use the pipe insulation like dreeves said, too. If the sound is coming from the overflow make sure that your standpipe is...
  8. zippy

    New website design

    Hey, I really like the site, but one suggestion. Give a button to cut off the music. It kinda wears on the nerves after a while. The organization is cool. Nice tanks.
  9. zippy

    Interesting results when I switched lights

    Your corals look great, gongrats!
  10. zippy

    Little Nemo - Day 25

    I am amazed at how fast the stripes are coloring in now. Looking good.
  11. zippy

    getting my sump/fuge drilled is becoming a PITA

    Starfish, they are correct. Or may be, I should say. Make sure your glass is NOT tempered glass or it will explode. The same thing will happen to the tank as when a car windshield breaks, it will shatter into tons of pieces.
  12. zippy

    Little Nemo - Stripes!!

    This is just what I need. A great looking fish and an ongoing storyline. Keep the updates coming.
  13. zippy

    Little Nemo - Day 20

    How about a pic of the new little Bang Guys?
  14. zippy

    "How old are You?"

  15. zippy

    overflow boxes

    Are you talking about a design like the LifeReef?
  16. zippy

    Overflow Boxes

    LifeReef. Over 2 1/2 years, never lost a siphon. Great design.
  17. zippy

    Blue and Green Chromis

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.
  18. zippy

    Little Nemo - Day 14

    Maybe you'll have an early Christmas present when you get back. Good luck. P.S. Will anyone be babysitting the little ones while you are gone?
  19. zippy

    Blue and Green Chromis

    Can these two different fish get along together in a school, or should they be kept separate?
  20. zippy

    DIY Calcium Reactor - Details and Plans...

    Looks good, thanks for the great post.