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  1. bobber

    When you die, do you want to become a reef??

    Actually, I would want to be cremated and my ashes scattered in the ocean so that the mermaids can feed.--Bob
  2. bobber

    live sand (dsb)

    I would not use beach sand. What Krusk had post is a better idea but still not avisable. The shores are natures protein skimmer. You would have to go out quite a ways to get pure LS for a tank. Think about the amount of water in the ocean compared to the size of your tank. Now add the...
  3. bobber

    air bubbbles

    That is denitrifacation. In other words, your DSB is working. It is a good sign. You'll actually start to see tracks in your sand against the glass as well. That is also a great sign that your DSB is doing its job.--Bob
  4. bobber

    putting in sand?

    I'm not sure what you mean by sand holder thing. Explain, please. Adding the sand slowly works well, but cloudiness is unavoidable. It will clear up. --Bob
  5. bobber

    salinty measurement

    The swing arms going bad takes quite a while before the readings are off. Rinsing the hydrometer in cold freshwater after each use will help keep it working properly. A refractometer this early in the stage is not neccesary, IMO. I have been using the same hydrometer for the past two years and...
  6. bobber

    Douting relevence of reef to myself

    Why not have TWO tanks? A FO and a reef. Just a thought. Lionfish are reef safe, but I DO NOT suggest them. They are carnivours. They eat tons and produce even more waste. Not good if you are trying to keep your nitrates down. Treble, it is really up to you. Reef tanks are not for everyone. HTH--Bob
  7. bobber

    should i make a plenum

    Is the question about a plenum or a refugium? If plenum, then no they are not needed. IMO, DSB works very well. If refugium, then, for what you are trying to accomplish, I would say yes. It wouldn't hurt anything. HTH--Bob
  8. bobber

    gobie burying everything!

    Yes this will continue. Unfortunately, that is part of their nature. They eat the critters that make your live sand live. Depending on the size of your tank, they could "kill" a lsb very quickly. --Bob
  9. bobber

    (2) 175watt lights vs (2) 250 watt lights

    Have you thought about a MH/VHO combo? With only one 175w MH and two actinic/two daylight VHO bulbs, heat would no longer be an issue. You could run a temp controlled fan and it would help keep the temp down. By running both types of lighting, the MH would only have to be on for four hours, thus...
  10. bobber

    I'm so close to just giving up!!!!!

    Your sand bed is very new to see any decline in nitrates. I agree that the nitrates shouldn't be where they are at. Have you had your water parameters checked by you lfs? They might be able to assist in finding the problem. Another thing, everyone's tank is different and it takes time to learn...
  11. bobber

    Opinions on powerheads

    I agree that Maxijet is the way to go. Dependable and the wavemaker option with the PH really make a difference. I think too many PH's will make the tank seem cluttered. Just my opinion-Bob
  12. bobber

    will adding live sand upset tank?

    I don't think so. What kind of sand did you add? Do you know the grain size? HTH-Bob
  13. bobber

    What do pods and worms eat?

    I'd put a million bucks on the yellow tang! They LOVE the stuff. Just a hunch-Bob
  14. bobber

    Corals look sick

    Your pH level is not bad. Your pH will change at differrent times of the day. I would think give it a little more time and things will be fine. HTH-Bob
  15. bobber

    Peppermint Shrimp...May need a Shark

    Peppermint shrimp do rid your tank of aiptasia. It took mine a while to eat it cuz it was geting used to my normal feeding and relied on that food and ignored the aiptasia. I had to stop feeding the entire tank and feed fish independantly, almost starving the shrimp before he FINALLY the one...
  16. bobber

    Copepods (sp)

    Copepods are a great sign that your tank is doing well. They make a great food source. AS for why you have so much, 45 lbs of LR is probably the reason. I'm sure some people would like to have tons of copepods in their tanks, so evverything is well. --Bob
  17. bobber

    It's been awhile, but I'm happt to be back!!

    Just wanted to say that I'm happy to be back to the board. I feel slightly out-of-touch. All is well in my 33gal reef. I have since started a 30gal long aggressive setup with a lionfish and a trigger. So far so good on that one, but I might need a larger setup for them once they grow(which won't...
  18. bobber

    Protein Skimmer

    I use the prism and I love it. What size tank are you running? The prism is rated for up to 90gal but I believe smaller tanks benefit most by the prism. I would also do a search on this board for a ton of prism information. This will probably help you in your decision making as well as help set...
  19. bobber

    live rock shopping in Chicago area

    You may also want to check out Distant Waters Mini-reef. They are located in Westmont and have excellent LR. Two separate tanks of it. One for uncured and one for cured. Decent prices as well. That is where I purchased my LR and I'm very happy with it. The owners name is Jerry and he is listed...
  20. bobber

    Can you seed LR?

    Yes. It will take some time, but it will happen. You got lucky with the rock you found by not contaminating your tank. I'm glad it worked for you, but not a good idea to attempt twice. GOod luck--Bob