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  1. clownfish11

    4 gallon NUVO pico reef diary

    Couple updates here. Have everything except LR which should come in sometime this week. Flow inside this little tank is wild.
  2. clownfish11

    4 gallon NUVO pico reef diary

    @snakeblitz33 just one. That's why I wanted your guys' opinions on some exotic/rare livestock suitable for the size of course
  3. clownfish11

    4 gallon NUVO pico reef diary

    For the OGs still lurking around. I'm back. Just finishing up college and I finally have a stable place to live so I decided to try another tank. Once an addict, always an addict. Way smaller this time, but im extremely excited to get this going. Lights are stock for now but I wanted your guys...
  4. clownfish11

    Nissan new 29 bio cube Diary

    wow looks way better than when u started off my only suggestion would be to get rid of kenya tree and xenia and replace it with acros i just think that would look much better! nice tank bro
  5. clownfish11

    Coral Keepers 180 gallon reef diary.

    I know im out of the hobby, but i saw this while switching pages and was like damn im checking this out its sweet, but whats that ---- all over the rocks cycle? good luck ima stop in every month or so and check this bad boy out
  6. clownfish11

    I.D. please

    ya 40 an inch..around there maybe more maybe less..depends
  7. clownfish11

    84 gal before and after build

    i wouldnt put that angel in the new tank..if he has the infection he could introduce it back into your tank, and it would mean you wasted all your time tearing it down and rebuilding it....just my opinion
  8. clownfish11

    post your other hobbies

    Camping-Work at a camp now :D Friends Movies Video Games(own anyone at some cod4 hardco/re) Sports(wrestling, football, baseball, UFC/MMA) Reefing Fishing Scuba MUCH MORE
  9. clownfish11

    Can you name these?

    last one is rose nebulas..second could be ding dang PE not sure no idea on the 1st
  10. clownfish11

    Halo's 28JbJ Reef/Invert Nano Diary

    it doesnt look that bad just some bad algae you gotta treat, and I would take the CB shrimp out..they eat other shrimp if they get hte chance
  11. clownfish11

    Where is COWFISHRULE?

    hes gotta some family things goin on, and hes taking a leave of absence from the boards till futhur notice
  12. clownfish11

    29gallon Biocube 250W HQI MH PIC DIARY

    I think im giving that angler up, and the ghost shrimp are freshwater, but you can make them salt very slowly if you want to or brackish
  13. clownfish11

    29gallon Biocube 250W HQI MH PIC DIARY

    Im thinking about getting rid of the angler and ordering 2x Emperor Shrimp(SP) 5x Sexy Shrimp 2x Harlequin shrimp 1-2x Pom-Pom shrimp 3-4x Bumble Bee Shrimp what do you guys think?
  14. clownfish11

    Favortie Meal for each meal

    Okay so since im really hungry and want some food, but theres nothing but granola bars in my house i decided to do this whats your favorite meal for each meal I guess Breakfast Pancakes with whipped cream Hashbrowns Milk or Juice some type of fruit Lunch Turkey Sub or Sushi-crab cali rolls...
  15. clownfish11


    i agree with Howard Breakfast is all that place is worth Hotcakes with hashbrowns or fries and every once and a while ill get a shake
  16. clownfish11

    29gallon Biocube 250W HQI MH PIC DIARY

    Getting within the next few weeks Rose Nebulas Purple Deaths Some more nightmares Mowhawks Rastas Nuc Greens Shiny Blue payls trying to sell most of my sps cept the rainbow monti and a few others that I like to keep to make room for more rare zoas and money to buy them
  17. clownfish11

    Identification Please

    the orange ones are bambams
  18. clownfish11

    my 75 gallon mixed reef

    im pretty sure that brain is dead i could be wrong though sorry didnt read that post
  19. clownfish11

    Do you use a razor blade to remove them?

    yes it is!!! i just fragged some high end stuff and if you mess up you lose them..its a pain, but luckily i didnt mess up
  20. clownfish11

    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    still no FTS :P