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  1. shel

    Take a look...

    I agree the windmill pic is my favorite. I think AZ is so pretty. I have frinds that live in Bagdad, born and raised there. There last name is Corbitt, do you know them?
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    Is there any good aquarium places to visit in Detroit. I am going to be there for a week. Trying to find fun things to do while I am there. Any sugestions would be great! :jumping:
  3. shel

    How much is your gasoline?

    It is 2.89 here. I drive a Honda Civic during the week and a Expedition on the weekends. But lately the Expedition is staying parked. LOL :joy:
  4. shel

    Blue Spotted Jawfish Behavior

    I had one jump from my tank, I have no idea how it jumped, I had it covered and everything. I am thinking of trying another one. Sorry for your loss.
  5. shel

    Green Chromis Aggresive?

    I have 7 in my 140. As mentioned above they are very peaceful, sometimes they will bicker among eath other, but never hurt eath other. I have large to very small (The size of a dime)and they always schooling together. Good luck
  6. shel

    Clown Q,s

    I have always read not to mix clowns. I have seen it before, but never with maroons. I have a female maroon with a maroon gold stripe. They are doing great, even laying eggs every 2 weeks. :D If I was to add another clown, the female would kill it ASAP. She is one mean girl. The crabs...
  7. shel

    How big do crabs get?

    Sure Marty you are using your step daughters to cover up for naming your crabs. I think we all come up with names for at least a few of are pets. :D My decorator crab is named "BEAST" he is huge, he looks like king kong going up the lr at night. I also have a brittle star fish named Sharlee.
  8. shel

    whats the biggest mistake u can make?

    Ok, everyone agrees that patience and research are the big ones? What is the biggest mistake you personally have made your self? :rolleyes: 1. I bought shrimp from the grocery store and chopped it up and fed it to the tank. Within 24 hours I had 4 dead fish. 2. Bought a fish and invert...
  9. shel

    keeping tanks cool tips please.

    Speaking from Arizona here, I have 2 fans that come on periodically (SP?) in the canopy for the MH. I also have a fan in the cabnet that blows accross the sump it comes on 3 times a day for like 2-3 hours at each time. I also keep the A/C set at 78. I do have a alot of evaporation but at...
  10. shel

    Dragon wrasse& dogface puffer

    I would think they would get along fine. I have had a dragon wrass for 2 years now and I have not had any problems with him. He is a very cool fish, I enjoy wayching him. I recently added a bluespotted jawfish and thought the dragon would mess with it. He could care less. When he catches...
  11. shel

    ok got them pics of my son

    Congrads, very cute litte guy. How much does he way and length? Congrads Again! :D
  12. shel

    Blue Spotted Jawfish

    I pick mine up on friday, I am really excited about it. I hope everything works for you. Is he eating ok?
  13. shel

    Tip on emerald crabs

    I have 5 Emerald crabs in my 140, I bought them all at diffrent times and they get along fine. They are very peacefull, they just do their own thing. Like someone else mentioned before I think it was just luck of the draw. I have never heard of them tearing each other apart. I really do not...
  14. shel

    Whats ure fav fish?

    I really can't pick just one. I really Flame Hawk, he has so good personality. My Maroon clowns that will not stop laying eggs I could never part with. My Dragon Wrass is just a cool fish, alot of fun to watch. Chomis are so pretty when they school together. My Juv. Emp Angel is so pretty...
  15. shel

    LR Arrangement

    I am going to re-organize my lr this week. It has been set up the way it is for 2 years, time for a change. I have 140g with 150lb of lr. Right now it is wall accross the whole tank with the center higher then the rest. I was wondering how everyone else has theirs arranged? I was thinking...
  16. shel

    Other hobbies

    Hobbies Hmmmm, Spoiling my wonderful husband (How else could I be into SW. LOL He gets what he wants, I get what I want :) ) Bogie and Ashley my 2 Sib. Huskies, they mean the world to me. 140 FOWLR and 30 fresh. Anything out doors, quafd riding, offroading, houseboating, partying at...
  17. shel

    Emperor Angel dead

    What is your tank size and setup? How long has it been set up? What else do you have in the tank, maybe someone is having issues with the Emp. and stressing it out? I have a juv Emp Angel I have had for almost 2 months and have had no problems with her. She is very alert and a healthy eater...
  18. shel

    Blue Spotted Jaw Fish

    Bluto, I don't know how well thet ship, but I have had no problems with mine and I have had him close to 2 years. He does rearrange small rocks and shells, he likes to decorate his area where he sleeps in the sand. I bought him with out doing any research, an impulse thing because I thought he...
  19. shel

    Blue Spotted Jaw Fish

    Baron, the decorator crab has never messed with any of my fish. He just does his own thing. I am a little concerned about him messing up the jaws home. I will not bring home the jaw fish until next friday, if I still decide to do it. I am going to think a little more about this. Thank you...
  20. shel

    Blue Spotted Jaw Fish

    Just an update, I went and purchased the Blue Spotted Jawfish. They are going to hold him until next week when I have a few days off to make sure he seddles (SP) in ok. I think I will bring him home next friday. :D