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  1. treble

    ck out the growth.

    Very nice, I have herd that sps grow in the wild like that :) It is said that with the right levels a sps will grow 6 inches a year.
  2. treble

    Frogspawn DISEASED?

  3. treble

    From the Ocean, to your Aquarium:

    I have many times debated this...the facts of owner abuse, collection, and shipping. To no avail, I am glad that they will certify the fish :) this really makes me feel good about buying a fish...but after you buy it, its in your hands, fish should only be sold to willing and able buyers, there...
  4. treble

    Frogspawn DISEASED?

    My frogspawn coral has been in the tank for about 2 months was looking nice untill today when I was looking at it and I noticed that around the edge of flesh, some was white. Like it had died or something, every branch of its 3 has this and the coral has not opened up as much today...
  5. treble

    My ricordia won't split!!

    Well I have this brown ricordia that i've had for 10+ months. It didn't split untill I put it under my halide, before that it was flourescents and low watt PC's. Anywho, its all in genes, you could have the strongest lights on earth and one ricordia might not split untill it reaches a certain...
  6. treble

    Help, Tank Crashing

    Well your sponge is probably why your tank went dont hill.... If the sponge has touched air at ANY POINT...its dead. You probably put it into your tank by lifting it out of the bag..into the air..into the tank..rotted away into ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Dont put it back in, the white spots...
  7. treble

    COTW: Bubble coral

    very cool! I have never myself seen a red bubble coral, verrryyy nicee! Heres a shot of one I just thought was really interesting..not mine though
  8. treble

    Lets see your shrimp!!!

    Cleaner Shrimp, not mine, but a good shot none the less.
  9. treble

    How about posting you fish & tank pics

    Was it ever stated that I had plans to keep him in there for life? Was it ever stated how big a fish he was? What would be wrong with a small tang in my tank temporarily? Shame you couldn't have just enjoyed the pictures and kept your comments to yourself, rather then turn this into a...
  10. treble

    post favourite triggerfish

    Clown Trigger
  11. treble

    How about posting you fish & tank pics

    RIP, and it was not because it was a 30 gallon...dont ask
  12. treble

    How about posting you fish & tank pics

    Enjoy a couple of my 30
  13. treble

    clam question

    dresa, squamosa, and maxima would do good. I'd wait another 3 months although, they need a very established tank.
  14. treble

    Do's & dont's of inverts w/ eels

    Its been said many times...inverts are not good with agressive fish. Shrimp, will get eaten, crab, will get eaten. Sure you can try it with a 8-12 doller crab, but it probably wont live long. What do you think they only eat shrimps in the wild? :)
  15. treble

    What would YOU do

    I'd do a dwarf angel...only fish, so it would make him really interesting, and kind of a peaceful look. Then get 1 cleaner shrimp to add color. A small mushroom colony, maybe some polyps. And a 2-3 emeralds. Maybe a smaller gobie too if you wanted another fish.
  16. treble

    frogs spawn help

    Beautiful specimens, both of you!!!! :eek:
  17. treble

    COTW: Ricordia

    I have NEVER seen even a photo of a multi-color ricordia!
  18. treble

    Shrimp ID

    Tasty specimens, make sure to saute' lightly, garlic is often used !!!