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  1. reefkprz

    links to ALL my fragging/propagation threads.

    that tank has been gone for a long time. but to sum it up it did work it made tons of little mushrooms the green ones worked the best for it.
  2. reefkprz

    links to ALL my fragging/propagation threads.

    wow been a while. wassup folks.
  3. reefkprz

    Feed corals?

    you can also spot feed certain corals using the method in this thread the corals you listed don't really require spot feeding but you can add coralfod to the tank and they may benefit. the xenia is almost a pure photosynthetic so it...
  4. reefkprz

    pls help: need frozen food with edible chunks... not cloud of pollution

    I have always fed the "juice" to my tanks and always will especially when they are full or near full of corals. all those littel meaty bits are great foods for the filter feeders, benthic organisms and microfauna of the tank as well as being (dependant on the size of the particle) appropriatly...
  5. reefkprz

    Help me ID this please!

    turkey wing clam, harmless filter feeder.
  6. reefkprz

    How to do a proper water change, by reefkprZ

    no prob been a while since I saw this thread, glad some one got some use out of it after all this time.
  7. reefkprz

    Acro not doing well??

    its definitely not doing well, browning out and lack of polyp extension are bad signs. tough to say whether it needs more light or flow but I would bet on lighting try moving it to a brighter location with good intermittent flow.
  8. reefkprz

    PEZenfuego's 4 gallon Pico Tank Diary

    I think you would be fine with a skim coat of sand in the bottom for looks. you could also silicone the sand down for the bare bottom effect with the sand look. I wouldnt bother upgrading the return pump. the stock pump should be just fine.
  9. reefkprz

    Live rock in neglected tank for 3 years....what to do

    I would start by ghost feeding and testing to see what happens.
  10. reefkprz

    Favite trouble

    what kind of lighting? both was it under and is it under now? was it a drastic change?
  11. reefkprz

    Gearing up to rebuild: 125g

    PICked up a new coral today a lime green Montipora digita.
  12. reefkprz

    Gearing up to rebuild: 125g

    mobility in the hand is great its like no damage at all. the skin isnt even tight.
  13. reefkprz

    Normal or Not?

    looks like a normal diatoms to me its not even a bad case of it I have had far worse no worries. stir the top layer of the sand to force it to cycle its life faster. the diatoms will bloom and consume silicates by buryting them you kill them and force new diatoms to bloom consuming more...
  14. reefkprz

    Gearing up to rebuild: 125g

    getting frusterated with doing everything left handed, thanks for the words of encouragement guys. 3 more days officially according to the docs before the stitches come out.... I just pulled them the cut is sealed I need the little holes to seal up too so I can reach in my tank again.
  15. reefkprz

    Live rock order quality " With Pics "

    I dont think its very high quality live rock. it may be bacterially alive but there is little else on it. Some light coraline here and there but overall its very poor excuse for live rock. IMO
  16. reefkprz

    Test Sump Build

    Quote: Originally Posted by acrylic51 I see a problem with the design.....Relying on the skimmer to pump/transfer water quickly enough from 1 tank to another is asking for issues..... for sure either the skimmer will pump water too fast or to slow you will never get it dialed to the exact speed...
  17. reefkprz

    Snake's 75g build thread

    making a lot of progress fast on this one man. looking good.
  18. reefkprz

    Devil's Finger is sad =(

    make sure its getting plenty of flow so it can shed.
  19. reefkprz

    Gearing up to rebuild: 125g

    so i have to do everything to my tank left handed now.... for a couple weeks. I cut my hand pretty bad at work requiring some stitches and cut a major vein in the back of my hand too. frikken awesome. love it. the cut not that big only a couple inches but its DEEP nevder severed a vein before...
  20. reefkprz

    Green Stylophora Browning Question

    sounds to me like it needs more light... just my opinion