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  1. ncognito

    Nice fish, very expensive.

    Personally I think guy has no idea what he is talking about and just making crap up as he goes along. I couldn't stop laughing when I read his "cargo ship" story. Obviously he doesn't have clue that they ship the rock including fish in the "cargo hold" area of a plane. Bottom line.....he has...
  2. ncognito

    Nice fish, very expensive.

    Regardless on whether it was in a bag, out of the bag, tucked between you kidneys and stomach, or rectum; it was still illegal. Although you may have told them it was a rock, you didnt tell them EXACTLY what or where you got it. So that being said, you knew it was wrong and you still did it...
  3. ncognito

    Nice fish, very expensive.

    Reefmate, I am trying to decipher your last couple of sentences but with all the misspellings and incomplete sentences, I find it hard to do. I do believe you have your information wrong as it is proven in medical science labs that once females turn into males, they cannot go back. As for...
  4. ncognito

    please help clown choking!!!

    I once did a bit of oral surgery on a fish. A customer came in once and brought in a goldfish that apparently had something in its mouth. After doing some examining, I came to the conclusion that it infact had something black in its mouth. The problem came in identifying this black foreign...
  5. ncognito

    Reef chromis

    Yes, damsels should be introduced in odd numbers of either 3, 5 , or 7. Generally they knock off the weak of the group as they settle their pecking order. As one poster mentioned, sometimes you will end up with just one out of the number you added.
  6. ncognito

    word association

    Short hand
  7. ncognito

    Blue Angel and Queen Angel?

    In a larger (much larger system) it would be fine. But your 100 gallon is not big enough for even one as each grow at least 18 inches and fight for territory. I suggest not puting either in your tank as they would easily outgrow it.
  8. ncognito

    Nice fish, very expensive.

    It is quite obvious in his thread that he doesn't care as it is a hobby and nothing more to him. His inconsideration for the well being of the animal(s) he has had, shows just that. I have seen some pictures of his tank that he previously posted and they were not impressive.