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  1. steve102571

    selling a 680g salwater aquarium

    Aside from Craigslist or eBay, are there any forums or web pages designed to advertise tanks for sale or trade
  2. steve102571

    Flesh eating disease/bacteria

    Still having probelms with my 750g. Things were going good for 1-2 months and then pow. My 12+ inch grouper started acting wierd. 24 hours later, he had hemoraging and bulging eye. PLaced in QT and treated with melafix. 36 hr after initial symptoms, dime sz holes in flesh, sever hemoraging...
  3. steve102571

    Aquaripure Vs Midwest Sulfur Denitrifier

    I am looking to purchase some sort of denitrifier to assist in my water quality. I perform regular water changes (30% monthly), and my nitrates are usually 20-40, but I would like better. Does anyone have an opinion or real experience with either one of these. I have read the website reviews...
  4. steve102571

    FO tank: 1.022 vs 1.017

    For the past 10 years, I have always kept my FO tanks @ 1.022, but just recently, my LFS told me there are numerous benefits to keepting a FO tank @ 1.017. Is there any truth to this or should I keep my tank @ 1.022??
  5. steve102571

    Sadness and sorrow

    I have had my black Niger for at least 4 months and in the middle of no where, he developed some form of skin disease. There is no other way to explain it other than cancerious rot. It started as a small spot (lesion) near the base of his tail (approx 1 week ago). I immediatlely placed him in...
  6. steve102571

    Diatom/brown algae explosion. Any ideas?

    Within the last 14 days, I have had a diatom/brown algae explosion across most of my DSB. I initially thought it was b/c one of my UV bulbs burned out, but I replaced it nearly 1 week ago. I have been testing my water daily since the onset and it always remains the same: Amonia 0, Nitrite 0...
  7. steve102571

    Water temp??

    I know that stability is generally more important than a specific temp from 72-80, but what should I be shooting for. My 750 has been up and running since Jan and my temps have always been 76.1 (day) and 75.6 (night). It has been progesssively getting warmer outside and I just began noticing...
  8. steve102571

    Finally got it right

    After a great deal of trouble (marine velvet, green algae and cyno), my 750g is finally on the right track. In just 4 days, the new lighting (2 48" 4x54w T-5) two 55w UV's and the two hydor 4's, and another 20% water change eradicated nearly all of my green algae and cyno. All of the...
  9. steve102571

    Lunare Wrasse acting wierd

    Just bought a 7.5" lunare wrasse, acclimated it and then placed him in my QT tank. At first, he hid in the corner and for the past 2.5 hrs, he has been laying on his side on the sand bottom and breathing fast. Is this normal? I had a lunare wrasse several years ago and he never did this...
  10. steve102571

    Rejuvenate sand?

    I choose the aggressive forum b/c my 750g will be an agressive set up. I have currently have a 5" niger, 5" yellow tang, 20" snowflake, and a 10+/-" panther. It was originally going to be for rays and sharks (hence the dsb), but not much are compatible with sharks and rays......therefore, it...
  11. steve102571

    Rejuvenate sand?

    I have a dsb with only a few a few crabs and snails, so in order to clean the sand, I stir and vac. As could be expected, some of the sand gets vacuumed up along with algae, old food etc. My question is this: Is there anyway to clean the debris, algae etc from the sand and re use it? I was...
  12. steve102571

    Porki-Puffer with discolored skin

    Mine looked like that, but the spot was caused by skin damage when LFS netted it. The skin damage resulted in some sort of fungal infection. LFS attempted to treat with melafix and some other sort of anti-fungal and it got better. Too bad it was too little to late. I am betting it is some...
  13. steve102571

    Please Help Me 330 gallon leak

    I tried to fix my 55qt. I did everything text book in terms or repairs and it leaked again. IMO once a leaker, always a leaker
  14. steve102571

    So it Begins...all 10 feet of it...

    I have the 120x48x32. It is truly awsome. I would reinforce the stand a bit more. Mine is 2x6's 12"OC with 3/4" top. Remeber this thing will be like taking a F-150, fulling the bed with sand and then setting it on its nose in your basement. Also MAKE SURE YOU PLACE 1/2" MED. DENISTY RUBBER...
  15. steve102571

    Best bang for your buck UV?

    I agree with all the statements provided thus far. IMO, this is just another piece of equipment that can HELP keep our fish happy and heathly, so why NOT do it. After all, the aquarium environment is all that any or OUR fish have. Thanks. Any other input on this subject would be greatly...
  16. steve102571

    question for beth

    I have an issue with Ick and I have been treating with Seachem Cupramine. I have been using for 8+/- days and my yellow is doing fine. Cupramine is much more civil and forgiving that Coppersafe
  17. steve102571

    what is this?

    Check ph, salinity w/ refract, and amonia. I had a tang that looked like this and it ended up being too low of PH (7.8+/-)
  18. steve102571

    Best bang for your buck UV?

    From what I understand, UV is only indiscriminate IF you place it before your refug, wet/dry/fluidized bed etc. Given a proper flow rate with adequate exposure time, it should kill free floating paracites and algae, right?
  19. steve102571

    Clown and Humu Problems...

    Read Beth's page. IMO hypo is the best if you have a qt, but you don't have a lg enough one, so I would remove all of the inverts and use Seachem Cupramine. Very stable, easily removed, and not so "touchy". Just remember, depedning on what stage ICK is most likely still floating (swimming)...
  20. steve102571

    Best bang for your buck UV?

    I need 80-120w for my 750g, but I don't want to have to take out a 2nd mort? What would you recommend?