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  1. fellow!

    LIVESTOCK TANK...............I have two smaller reefs at my house...only one problem, they are all filled with sps, soft and sponges. I have three large angels that would love to have a feast. I am going to take out the clowns, gobies and blennies. Thanks alot. seachem is well respected, but...
  2. fellow

    OT: HS Graduation

    I wish I would have had a tape recorder with me at my graduation. I don't know about anyone else, but college changed the direction of my life and most of the people I know. I can't explain to you why its so hard to stay focused, but beer and pot might have something to do with it. Thats great...
  3. fellow!

    Amm. .2 nitrite 0 trate 0 pH 8.3
  4. fellow!

    I have fresh carbon in the sump. The skimmer is skimming like crazy(euro reef). My fish look like they are going to die. About the seachem it a proven product or a gimmick like most reef "miracle working" products. I hate most chemicals.
  5. fellow

    OT: HS Graduation

    please research the field of marine biology before you jump in for two years and figure out you dont want to do it. I majored in microbiology for 3 years before switching my diploma to marketing...go figure. congrats.
  6. fellow!

    OK here's the problem. I have a 125 gallon partial reef tank at my office. There is close to 200 lbs of live rock in the tank. My office staff put an anemone in the tank....Ritteri to be specific. Long story short the thing died while I was out of town. We had a dead anemone in the tank for 2...
  7. fellow

    fuge questions?????

    If you use a mechanical pump to return water to the main tank you will kill most living things with the impellar. You need to use a gravity fed return.
  8. fellow

    COTW: Hydnophora Rigida

    I'd like to mention that Hydnophora is very easily propogated. With attention to detail Hydnophora will thrive immediately and will readily adapt after being propogated. Hydnophora is also one of the fastest growing SPS corals available. With a high calcium level and good H20 parameters you...
  9. fellow

    Acryllic sump

    There is a site where you can calculate the thickness that you will need. I don't know what it is, but it's available. NEVER guess. -Fellow-
  10. fellow


    First you must find out where the bubbles are originating. This will help us solve your problem. fellow
  11. fellow

    euroreef CS 6-3?????

    The impellar is what's shot and apparently they won't sell the impellar only. I could buy another sedra, but this one failed too quickly for me to consider purchasing another one. -fellow-
  12. fellow

    euroreef CS 6-3?????

    I currently run this skimmer on my 125. The pump recently failed and I would like to replace it with a new, better pump. I understand that the impellar is a special design and makes the skimmer work with high efficiency. Is there a pump or an add-on that I could get to replace the old pump? -fellow-
  13. fellow

    Return Pump

    Mag's are great. I saw a little giant submersible...anyone heard anything about this pump.
  14. fellow

    lighting a refugium

    I am experimenting with a 500 watt halogen bulb. I must say the macro growth is outstanding. I am trimming at least once every 4-6 days. Fauna growth is not stunted. One problem, macro is not the only algae growing, I have spots of 3 different nuisance algaes. They have not transferred to the...
  15. fellow

    Coral farm is almost done...

    that is a proven design, so if you have built before you will have a great successful reactor. Is the spraybar of your own design? -fellow-
  16. fellow

    Coral farm is almost done...

    Great setup!!! Two things: You might need more shelf space. That Ca reactor is going to be your best addition to the tank. The lighting set is perfect. Whose plans are you using to build the Ca reactor? I would be cautious when you add the reactor...monitor everything very closely at first...I...
  17. fellow

    Help building a refigum

    you could do it seperate, but it wouldn't be a refugium, it would be another tank. You have to gravity feed it back to the main tank because you will kill alot of the things you grew in the and worms. Look up refugium plans on the web...there are tons of plans to help. -fellow-
  18. fellow

    Millepora spp. colonies

    Does anyone know anything about the schematics of a Millepora spp.? I am doing some research and I need to know how the inner canal system is unique...if it is unique? -fellow-
  19. fellow

    quick Q about adjusting light levels

    Actually that's the right way to do it. You need to start out with the lights being on for 2-4 hours a day. You can gradually increase this until your corals are fully adjusted to 8-10 hrs. of light. You can reduce the stress and shock of changing light by the addition of iodide. DO NOT OVERDOSE...
  20. fellow

    Macros or Xenia in a refuge.

    You are correct...xenia will not eat any particulate food, but it will absorb nutrients such as amino acids. Did you know that xenia can harm SOME hard corals? -fellow.