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  1. morval

    Got 50lbs of LR for $6.74!!!!!!!!

    umm all colleges have ring available to graduates
  2. morval

    Got 50lbs of LR for $6.74!!!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by john,jr Just remember JESUS has got his eyes all over you. If you get into an accident when you call out GOD gave mercy maybe he want be busy trying to help pay the remainder of the price for that box of rock. i think satan made the store jack the price and god was...
  3. morval

    Clean Back Glass?

    Originally Posted by Vaughn Is Xenia the same as coraline algae? (I could google this, but why bother when I can just ask here...) no they are not the same, not even close. coralline is an calcerous algae, that purple stuff that covers rocks and grows on the glass and anything else in the...
  4. morval

    pc lights ok?

    The PC's are just suplemental lighting to the MH. you can put actinic in them and should be able to have them come on b4 the MH and shut off after them
  5. morval

    My 1000 post

    theres no shame in my game! renegade FTW
  6. morval

    Tank Pics - nikon D80

    nice shots! i just ordered a remote for my d-60 i cant wait for it to get here so i can take some pics without having blur in them
  7. morval

    My 1000 post

    Originally Posted by robertmathern Well I posted this on another site. might i say this other site is da bomb, this post looks even better over there
  8. morval

    New camera, dorking around and thought I should share.

    quit wasting time on dry stuff and pull sumthin out of the tank like a sponge or a pod
  9. morval

    LOST season premier

    i hope at some point they time travel to when the people who built the 6 toed statue are around
  10. morval

    how do I frag xenia?

    ive done both the toothpick and rock rubble method and they work great. for you i would do the toothpick as you have a large colony and want to split it
  11. morval

    Watt Question?

    wpg is no longer a usefull way to determine light penetration. look for PAR ratings thats the best way to know if a light is right for what you want to grow
  12. morval

    Koralia Pumps ?'s

    is you tank tight against the wall? cuz the magnet that goes on the outside is only like 1/4" thick. if it is really not posible to have them on opposite sides than how about having one on the side and one on the back? and they dont make to much noise at all
  13. morval

    need some help!

    to make a sucessful reef you should plan out what you want to keep as there are different requirments for each animal. you will need plenty of live rock, the right lights for corals and a protien skimmer is a huge benefit, a sump/refugium is also a good addition. so do you have an idea of what...
  14. morval

    Koralia Pumps ?'s

    the magnum series have a higher gph and are compatable with the wavemakers, the 1-4 are not recomended to be used with the wavemaker
  15. morval

    Can anyone identify this photo of algae

    ive never heard of bubble marble algae. its not bubble algae either. looks more like dinoflagellets or cyano bacteria. how long has tank been set up? what are your water test results? how much and how often do you feed? what is in your tank (fish and coral)? what kind of lights do you have...
  16. morval


    is this a joke?
  17. morval

    one step forward, two steps back.....

    hermits will eat snails. thats where they get there shells, as they grow they need bigger shells so they eat a snail and have a new home
  18. morval

    My heater malfunctioned...

    gah that sux. so what died/survived ?
  19. morval

    I need help with a new lighting system!!!

    look at retrofit stuff then you can get the size that you need where in ny r u at?
  20. morval

    Frag Tank

    i havent used odyssea products my self but thats because ive read a lot of bad reviews about there stuff. many of there lights caught fire from getting to hot but that was years ago and maybe they got better stuff now???? if you have a canopy you can easily get a retrofit t5 or halide setup and...