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  1. jarrod13

    Frondosa wont eat!

    Try live damsels, mine would only eat these for about the first three months
  2. jarrod13

    Just Snatched Red Fin WaspFish.

    That's a pretty big size difference!! She looks like she could go right in his mouth with no problEm. Are these guys docile or more on the aggressive side trying to eat anything they can? Greg, I was even saying it out loud trying to figure out what it meant...lmao!!
  3. jarrod13

    Just Snatched Red Fin WaspFish.

    Holy crap, I just realized what namxas stands for. I always tried to figure out what it stood for, I feel dumb. Jason, those are some sweet red fins!!! I hope to have a pair some day. Good luck with them.
  4. jarrod13

    Fuzzy dwarf lion - a little worried

    Not really, you should idealy give them a mixed diet of seafood. Give him some time and it will eventually take whatever you give him, fuzzies are pretty good about that
  5. jarrod13

    Clean Up Crew For Lions?

    I throw in snails since no one has mentioned it yet, any kind would be safe with lions, big or small is fine
  6. jarrod13

    Lookin To Startin Lion Tank. Need Some Advice, Guildlines And Recomendations

    A few quick basics for a lion only tank would be 1. Excellent water quality (since you've been breeding discus I know this won't be a problem for you) 2. No tankmates that are small enough to be eaten, which means nothing smaller than the lions mouth 3. No tankmates that will pick on the lions...