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  1. cathbad

    Star reproduction?

    Update. For the past two nights, and once or twice several nights ago, I have seen two individual legs, in addition to the half pictured above, crawling about the tank. They seem to respond to food but there is no disk attached so, presumably, there is no way for them to eat. They come out...
  2. cathbad

    Star reproduction?

    This is the best so far. The disk looks to have been cleaved almost perfectly in half. In the red box is an edge-on view of the disk. It has been like this for about a week that I now about and it does seem to be a bit more sluggish but otherwise fine. Thanks for the help.
  3. cathbad

    Star reproduction?

    I have what Ophiura identified as a possible Ophionereis reticulata (about five years ago). It has been extremely durable but now has split into two apparently functioning "half stars" which continue to navigate about the tank each night and eat. Could this be asexual fission or something I...
  4. cathbad

    Mirrored acrylic question

    Does anyone know if 1/8 inch mirrored acrylic can resist the heat from up to 200 watts pc over a 20 long?
  5. cathbad

    Watts per gallon revisited (with respect to height)

    So many continue to refer to their lighting regime as the number of watts per gallon despite its relative uselessness. I have not, however, seen much, if anything, that is practical and relatively simple that quantifies lighting intensity with consideration to the tanks height. So here is what...
  6. cathbad

    Chaetomorpha in freshwater?

    It won't. In freshwater or even low salinity it will probably disintegrate as the cells lyse as a result of the ionic difference between the fresh and saltwater. If you are wanting to use a refugium on a freshwater system try some of the fast growing stem plants such as anacharis, hygrophila...
  7. cathbad

    Ocean Sand ?'s

    I have sand collected from an aquacultured site in about 40 feet of water and it has particles ranging in size from <1mm to several cm, although most are <3mm. If I were to do it over I would probably use some type of fine, dry sand. It also is not always white, some of mine also has a grayish...
  8. cathbad

    500 or 800MH on 90 gal.

    Anthony Calfo recommends to provide near minimum (my words not his) lighting and supplement with feeding. Basically, don't overdo the lighting and provide sufficient feeding to make up the difference.
  9. cathbad

    Worm ID????

    Based on the first photo, particularly the head region, I would guess some type of planarian.
  10. cathbad

    Caribbean versus world-wide melange

    I had actually forgotten about this one. Apparently it was not very popular. I would like to hear (see) some opinions from all of you about what I should do. Thanks.
  11. cathbad

    id please??

    Thanks Bang. Vindicated at last.
  12. cathbad

    id please??

    Try a search for Phyllangia americana.
  13. cathbad

    Need confirmation on star id

    Thanks for the information. I'm not too worried about its "reef safeness"; after 18 months it has bothered nothing. I am mainly interested in its adult size. I will continue to try to get a pic of the disc but this guy is very cryptic. I lured him out with shrimp in total darkness just to...
  14. cathbad

    mystery invert ID

    It is a turkey wing, Arca arca.
  15. cathbad

    Need confirmation on star id

    Last one
  16. cathbad

    Need confirmation on star id

  17. cathbad

    Need confirmation on star id

    Could this be Ophioderma brevispinum? If not any ideas as to what it may be are greatly appreciated. It came in on Gulf rock and over the past 18 months it has grown to 5-6 inches across. What can I expect as a final size? Sorry for the quality of the pics. It seldom shows more than a...
  18. cathbad

    Breeding shrimp just laid eggs moments ago

    Shrimp carry their eggs under the abdomen, holding and fanning them with their swimmerets. So if the eggs are somewhere other than on the shrimp they belong to somebody else.
  19. cathbad

    Spawning limpets

    I finally uploaded the video. Be warned that it is about 3.5MB.
  20. cathbad

    Spawning limpets

    I happened to walk by the tank tonight and when I looked in I saw what appeared to be a limpet orgy/mass spawning. In one spot there was a stack of three limpets. The bottom limpet would spurt out a series of semi-thick "packets" of white liquid and one of the two atop is one would release a...