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  1. sherry13

    seahorse and coral banded shrimp?

    Hello, I'm having the same issue as you... my four H. kelloggi seahorses are due to arrive tommorow and I've got a CBS and a gang of emerald crabs (seven of them!) in my 110. My CBS is a very active shrimp and an aggressive eater, but he's never gotten aggressive with fish. I've seen him shoo...
  2. sherry13

    Couldn't Resist

    I almost bought some of those Kudas. I saw they were on sale, decided to wait a few days, went back and they were sold out. I found some Kellogs at ***********.com on sale for $21.00 ea, supposedly tank bred (fingers crossed) so I ordered four of them and they arrive on Friday. I'm trying not to...
  3. sherry13

    Can seahorses be kept with an overflow filter

    Is an overflow filter the same as a surface skimmer? Mine has "teeth" that extend well above the waterline and a pre-filter sponge that blocks organisms from getting through the gaps. So if you have something similar to that, it should be fine. My lettuce nudi, has crawled pretty close and never...
  4. sherry13

    Tank Redo

    Hello, I contacted the Dow Chemical Corporation, makers of Great Stuff insulating foam, and they said that Great Stuff has not been tested for use in aquariums. They have a black waterfall pond foam which they reccomended instead. We were able to find the Great Stuff pond foam on Dow...
  5. sherry13

    clean up crew

    Has anyone had seahorses and emerald crabs together? In my 110 gallon, I have emeralds, blue leg hermits, scarlet hermits, jade hermits, lettuce slug, astrea snails, nassarius snails, purple urchin, peppermints, coral banded shrimp, and I'm planning to add some seahorses. Maybe I should order a...
  6. sherry13

    Help me identify this crazy thing in my tank

    If I had a bristle worm and did not want it, I would add either an arrow crab or a six line wrasse. They eat bristle worms, but they may pull at your feather dusters too.