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  1. baddlord77

    Concord,nc Lr/sand All Goes !

    I appreciate all the emails guys/gals... tHANKS EVERYONE...SOLD SOLD SOLD
  2. baddlord77

    Concord,nc Lr/sand All Goes !

    Ok peeps.....a offer u cant refuse....$300.00 for 200lb+LR & 200lb LS, a yellow Tang 2" or so.....all soft corals, shrooms....It all goes together though. The shrooms, green carpet and all is attached to my rocks....some of the rocks, especially one is a VERY nice large piece. me...
  3. baddlord77

    LR,SAND 200lbs+ &yellow Tang

    Selling LR, Live sand and misc live plants etc...Tank is up & running but will be torn-down for PICK-UP only in me if with 'aquariun' in subject line...thanks.....
  4. baddlord77

    WTB Live Rock (Shipped or pickup in NC)

    I have about 200lbs+ of rock and the same insand...tearing down my tank......i live in Concord...i have very little time if any now for a tank.....It is being neglected without attention......if you're interested...i can be reached@ and i will supply a phone....i should...
  5. baddlord77

    120 Tenecor Reef Tank F/S Local p/u NC

    The whole reason it says give "give away" to a good home is, i was told i cannot advertise selling'm not really selling the corals and plants etc...i am selling the whole reef tank setup together and u will get all thats in the tank, including stand...
  6. baddlord77

    120 Tenecor Reef Tank F/S Local p/u NC

    120 gal. Soft Seal Custom built Acrylic Reef Tank COMPLETE W/EVERYTHING in excellent condition .This Reef tank is currently up and has been up for a 1 1/2 years running. There are several cleaner ship, though they are seen rarely, mostly at night. There are hundreds of very small starfish, lots...
  7. baddlord77

    WTB 75-110 gal tank

    I have a 120 complete reef setup running..u r 4 hours from me.....NC if interested
  8. baddlord77

    120 gallon Softseal Tenecor Reef Tank

    email@ and i'll supply contact info...Thanks.... use charlotte come by to look, or something like that in subject......i have alot of emails coming through from ----..Thanks...
  9. baddlord77

    120 gallon Softseal Tenecor Reef Tank

    120 gal. Soft Seal Custom built Acrylic Reef Tank COMPLETE W/EVERYTHING in excellent condition that i ordered myself from California and picked -up @the airport after waiting 8 weeks. 48x24x24. This Reef tank is currently up and has been up for a 1 1/2 years running. There are 4 fish. I would...
  10. baddlord77

    computer stuff (lots)

    ANYONE INTERESTED IN LOTS OF COMPUTER STUFF! Several computers, 'ASUS' motherboards, sounds cards, software, and lots of accs. desk etc. 400.00 takes all. Will not ship out...Pickup only. Was into computer repair, building sysytems etc. Need to clean out a master suite upstairs for a game room...
  11. baddlord77

    Dusters and stars

    I have a VERY large green star and 4 feather dusters....never had a problem w/their health......or being eatin' gets plenty of food...wanders perameters are about the same as yours......
  12. baddlord77

    First Reef Tank @ 6Months

    There's only two possibilities for a tank lookin' that good at only 6 months. #1 you're fool of beans (unlikely) #2 you're a 'fat-cat' (lots of dough on hand) or #3, you're single....i will take the later......
  13. baddlord77

    trades Charlotte, nc. or close

    Yes, we do get together and check each others tanks and stuff out. However, "Tizzo" happens to be a 'young lady' rather than a dude. Actually, lady sounds like she's old, which she is not. Tizzo and her family are cool. She helped me out originally several times from swf and than we joined up at...
  14. baddlord77


    Just an update......after i removed dead arms as the board suggested...the dieing ones died but have new considerable growth on the hammer from the one that survived. And the frogspawn that i had separated also has made a comeback but not the dieing pieces. I will tonight, post a few more pictures.
  15. baddlord77

    Lighting for acrylic tank

    I currently have a "Tenecor" soft seal 120 using 440wts of HO VHO on a Icecap 660 4 inchs of the water and i have no problems whatsoever. I did install 2 fans, one exhaust and intake on the back of my canopy to releive some heat to keep my temp great. If you're not using fans...
  16. baddlord77

    trades Charlotte, nc. or close

    Becareful w/'Fintastic'...:eek: They're VERY overpriced and all employees are on commission...NOT A GOOD THING. A couple of the guys are cool...and they have a very large selection....but i only go there in an emergency or they have something i cannot order or get anywhere else. I now use use...
  17. baddlord77

    trades Charlotte, nc. or close

    how many pounds did u order ? i ordered some and i wasn't really impressed.....maybe it was just me.....looked more like mud when i got it.......didn't really seem to do anything......maybe i came up on the short end...i dug their snails though....they have multipled far as the...
  18. baddlord77

    trades Charlotte, nc. or close

    Sounds like a plan terry.....i have not found many people in the area myself......"Tizzo" is in the area (charlotte) she's cool and her family. I'm new to this also. Been set up for about 4 months or so.....still waiting to see any new growth of coraline.....have not seen any yet....hopefully...
  19. baddlord77

    Help me get my manda back!

    i totally dis-agree w/some of these posts......If you love her that much.....don't give in........don't be pushy, just be persistant and dont give in.....she's your only love and u know that....let her know that....everything else can be worked out...........Let her know she's the one for...
  20. baddlord77

    Importance of Current part 2

    I understand.......being that i am new to saltwater....i was just curious because w/out current the shrooms look very good indeed.....but as u said, there are reasons and they may not all be positive and or negative towards these critters......i would like to know if u find out if they do...