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  1. dingus890

    FREE Fish Food To The First 5 People:

    Originally Posted by windlasher Thats interesting. Out of over 500 people we have seeded, you are the first to say that it made a mess. Ill send you the survey link if you wouldn't mind. And thanks. Yeah you can send the survey link
  2. dingus890

    My NEW Blue Linckia Multifora starfish

    Well the new star hasn't been looking to good. One of it's legs started rotting off. And it is real shriveled up :( Never buying stuff from the place I got it again! It wasn't though :) But some good news. I was looking in the tank and I FOUND MY OLD RED/PURPLE MULTIFORA SPOTTED...
  3. dingus890

    FREE Fish Food To The First 5 People:

    Fed some of the food today. Here is my honest little review: Fish got excited over it but were then not interested in it. My anemone WAS VERY HAPPY WITH IT! And all my inverts were very happy. I think the food would work better for larger fish. I have smaller fish like anthias and clownfish...
  4. dingus890

    FREE Fish Food To The First 5 People:

    I received the frozen fish food today. Very nice looking. Comes with all the ingredients listed. Great stuff in it! Comes with a care sheet also. Very nice. Will try it soon. Thank you so much! :-D
  5. dingus890

    Time for pictures.

    Fantastic looking! A great well aged tank! Wonderful!
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    Blue Linckia Star

    Meowzer your tank is perfect for a blue linkia! They usually die of improper acclimation or starvation due to being housed in small tanks with not enough LR to graze on. I say try the blue or the orange. The orange may do a little better. Or better yet linckia multifora. Most recommend atleast a...
  7. dingus890

    Finally getting dwarf seahorses :-D

    Thanks I do too. The bulb that came with the kit is awful IMO. Very yellow looking. So I am going to change that to a 50/50 bulb. Has anyone ever got their dwarfs to eat frozen cyclops or frozen copepods? I keep hearing online that BBS will not sustain dwarfs for long as they are not as...
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    Feeding Pink Tip Anemone

    How long have your had the anemone? What size tank,wattage of lights? Is her foot puffed up like a balloon? Is she floating/moving around the tank alot? Try feeding smaller portions. Cut the silver side in 1/2 inch or smaller pieces. Only feed one piece a week. Is she is not wanting the...
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    Mushroom Eating Peppermint Shrimp??

    It happens when they are hungry as they are usually opportunistic feeders. Make sure he is getting fed and hopefully he will stop making snacks of your corals.
  10. dingus890

    Anyone want a small horseshoe crab?

    Have you tried contacting your local aquarium? They may take him
  11. dingus890

    My NEW Blue Linckia Multifora starfish

    I haven't seen her in awile either. Last time I heard from her was in Jan. Why don't you try a blue or orange linckia? I wanted an orange but my tank just was way to small to support it. Your tank is certainly large enough. Watch out for the burgundy linckia though if you have BTA's. I have...
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    Finally getting dwarf seahorses :-D

    *UPDATE* I got the 5 gallon hex tank yesterday. Got everything set-up and cycling. Added my dry sand and plastic hitches. I found a tuturial online on how to make a battery powered auto- top off system. I built it and it works awesome! Only cost me about 10 bucks to make. Here are some...
  13. dingus890

    My NEW Blue Linckia Multifora starfish

    Thanks :) Yes I hope I can get a better pic of it. This is the first time it has come out from hiding. So I ran and got my cam..haha
  14. dingus890

    My NEW Blue Linckia Multifora starfish

    FINALLY found online a blue spotted mutifora linckia starfish to buy.The stars color is more of a turquoise. The starfish was FREE! I just had to pay shipping. I signed up for the websites newsletter and they gave me a $25.00 credit. Sweet! The starfish arrived looking well. It did have a adult...
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    FREE Fish Food To The First 5 People:

    I'll try the food. I have been in the hobby over 2 years and have 4 saltwater tanks ranging from 5 to 55 gallon.
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    WOW! Refractometer vs Hydrometer (New people read!)

    Yeah I just re-checked after correctly calibrating my new refractometer, and my SP was 1.030!! My hydrometer said it was 1.025. Wow. No wonder my multifora starfish died. One question though, do I have to calibrate it before I use it every time?
  17. dingus890

    WOW! Refractometer vs Hydrometer (New people read!)

    I got my RHS 10ATC refractometer today. And I am really happy to say my IO hydrometer wasn't to off. My hyrdometer read 1.025(which I keep all my reef tanks at) and the refractometer read 1.026. I am really glad I made the investmeant. It was about $47.00 plus shipping. Like someone else said...
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    Seahorse help!

    You could do a Fuscus pair in a 20 gallon no problem. But they are getting harder to find and are pricey. But they are a smaller horse that can be trained to eat frozen mysis. Any other horse though I am affraid will get to large for a 20 gallon. It's better to get your 40 gallon set up and...
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    Ideas for 38G hexagonal tank

    Sounds like a cool idea! Just make sure you have alot of surface agitation as with taller hex tanks there is less oxygen exchange at the surface for the fish to breath. I would put a few power heads in the tank maybe a small whirlpool and one power head pointed toward the surface. If you have...
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    Pink Tube Anemone videos

    So cool! I have always wanted a neon orange tube anemone. They must looks crazy awesome under just actinics! *talking to myself*(Your just starting a dwarf seahorse can't start a tube anemone only tank too!) lol