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  1. dew2loud1

    I'm bored - breeding Flame Angels and Yellow Tangs

    Tangs are nearly impossible to get to spawn in anything under six feet of depth, atlantis marine world doesn't even get full spawning ascents only mock runs. Angels, good luck, they captive breed flames in hawaii but the methods are very hush hush. Without natural wild zooplankton it will be...
  2. dew2loud1

    pleased read maroon clown breeding

    We breed gold stripe maroons we have a pair in a 72 bowfront and a pair in our 220 cube. A breeding pair of GSM's are VERY VERY agressive, our female regularly draws blood. Often they are not very affectionate of tankmates especially once they start spawning. GSM's are one of the hardest...
  3. dew2loud1

    WTB: Berghia Nudibranch

    Hi, If you are still needing berghia, we have plenty ready to go and are just over in utah. Let me know
  4. dew2loud1

    Fragging a toadstool. help

    Originally Posted by nissan577 oh ok perfect thanks guys. Will take pics thanks we just chop chunks off of ours. leave the new one in the sand. it grows
  5. dew2loud1

    ORA Hawkins Echinata

    Originally Posted by dgonci Looks good...Gives me something to look forward to. me too. very nice!
  6. dew2loud1

    asm g2 skimmer, needs pump tampa

    Does it include the old pump or impeller, from the pic it looks like you have a feed line halfway down the body, was the pump recirc modded? very interested thanks
  7. dew2loud1

    Mating pair clowns for sale

    Are they laying yet? If so I'll take both pairs, please send pics to
  8. dew2loud1

    Black Onyx pair of Clowns

    Are these still available? If so I'll take them, I'm in ohio as well