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  1. tang master

    Biocube Advice Please!

    take the rock out and use a butane torch to burn the little rascals. haha. i used this method on aptasia, and rock anemones. works everytime. u could also try aptasia x made by red works amazingly well
  2. tang master

    Cardiff vs. Aquapod vs. JBJ

    there is a fairly cheap 28g nanocube hqi nor for 300 bucks at a website i cant post here. It used to be 500 or 600 and i wanted one but it was too pricey for Pm me for the website link.
  3. tang master

    how to put halides in my 12g nano cube?

    umm...i know of a few websites that sell Mh kits that go in the hood. Pm me for the links
  4. tang master

    Pico tank

    well on all of the other forums, i know personally 9 fellow reefers that all have marineland heaters except one, and they all have had good success too. idk, guess its just personal preference.
  5. tang master

    Pico tank

    why do u not like them. i have had no problems with them ever. especially in my 3g pico. it has kept my pico at a constant 78-79 degrees for the past 2 years
  6. tang master

    2.5 g Lighting

    and beth...not even ebay? they are not retailers or anything....
  7. tang master

    2.5 g Lighting

    get a 70w mh. k-2 viper is the brand. u can keep anything u can ever imagine with that light.
  8. tang master

    Pico tank

    The light may not be sufficient for sps...infact i would discourage it. A marineland stealth 25 or 50 watt heater will do. they are preset to keep the water at a constant 78 degrees. how many watts is ur light?
  9. tang master

    Sponges in a FOWLR tank ? looking to add color to the fowlr tank.

    triggers tend to tear things up so i assume they would also eat a sponge.
  10. tang master

    Filtration w/o LR or LS

    without lr the tank will crash within a month. i tried exactly what your about to do and it doesn't work out. It would work if you kept a refugium with lr ruble in it....but definitely don't try a frag tank without lr because its not even natural. idk. i just doesn't sound like a good...
  11. tang master

    Algae indetification please

    i have 2 scooters and a lawnmower blenny in my 29g biocube now for almost 2 years. I have the same problem as you with the hair algae and the lawnmower keeps it at bay but he never eats all of it so he always has food so i don't have to add food cause they are my only fish. lol
  12. tang master

    Hi-couple of questions

    yeah i agree with meowzer. there are alot of places to get them where i live but they are usually in stock here on Be sure to come back and post pictures and what not when your all set up. =)
  13. tang master

    Hi-couple of questions

    well...the most likely cause of your algae growth is that your lighting schedule is to long and not stable. try to cut your light down to no more than 6 hrs a day to snuff out the algae. coco-worm: You can get cerith snails, and nassarius...
  14. tang master

    Hi-couple of questions

    If you could afford a $50 tube worm id definitely go for a coco-worm. but make sure your tank is stable first. gotta love cheap flake foods but i gotta agree with meowzer...go frozen or freeze dried mysis, etc. and meowzer if i remember right the toms deco kit comes with a 50/50 bulb. for sure...
  15. tang master

    Nissan new 29 bio cube Diary

    WOW!...has this page grown up! lol. Hey Nissan, sorry to hear the pico is gone. Mine is too now. haha.
  16. tang master

    Nissan 3g Pico Diary!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what kind of camera are you using?
  17. tang master

    Nissan 3g Pico Diary!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah that is the way to go until they get some better led technology imo
  18. tang master

    Katsafado's first ever 10g SW tank(nano)

    There is too many!!!lol
  19. tang master

    Nissan 3g Pico Diary!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you mount powerbrites close enough you would be hitting par values high enough to sustain softies and most lps but as for sps you would need to have some 3watter crees.
  20. tang master

    DIY Spray Bar for Nanos

    ive never heard of these. what is a spraybar?